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It’s Wednesday, August 17, 2022 and here is a video of the weiner dog race held at a recent match of Atlético Ottawa.

?️ We want you to run for Council

The Orléans West-Innes and Rideau-Rockcliffe wards only have one candidate each for the upcoming civic election – the existing councillors. Councillors Laura Dudas and Rawlson King could win by acclamation unless someone steps up.

That someone should be you. And if you don't live in Orléans West-Innes or Rideau-Rockcliffe, it doesn't matter. You can run in any ward you choose – you don't need to live there. (Or, sigh, rent or own property there or be the spouse of etc. etc.).

▫️ The deadline for filing as a candidate is 2 pm this Friday. Any citizen, at least 18 years old, who is a resident of Ottawa can run for council, If you rent or own property in the City OR you are the spouse of someone who rents or owns property, you are also eligible.

▫️ You need to fill out the candidacy forms found here and pay $100 for councillor or $200 for mayor. You get that money back if you file your post-election expenses report by 2 pm March 23, 2023.

▫️ You need to get 25 voters to sign your nomination papers. They don't need to be people who want to vote for you.

▫️ Lastly, and this is where people screw up, you need to make an appointment at City Hall before 2pm this Friday to bring in your papers. The phone number is 613 580 2660 and email is You can make the appointment before you have all your nominations.

Now, we're not suggesting that you will win. Considering nominating yourself 72 hours before the deadline is probably not the hallmark of a winning campaign.

But that’s not the point. When you run for council, your concerns now matter: you get to bring them up at all-candidate meetings, you get to debate them with the person who will probably win and pin them to a position, your agenda will be quoted in the media.

Just bringing your concerns to the table will encourage others to question their candidates, and increase or decrease their chances. Few things annoy an incumbent candidate as much as a rival with nothing to lose. Darren should know; he once ran for the Mayor of Vancouver and received 23 votes, but that's a story for another day.

So do it. Get 25 nominations from your neighbours and spend the next two months muckraking. The worst thing that can happen is you'll win.

Food + Drink Update

▪️Little Italy’s Perch has made the shortlist for EnRoute magazine's Best New Restaurant in Canada. Now's the time to make your reservations. The winner will be announced in November.

▪️Ottawa Road Trips has a great round-up of the best ice-cream joints in the Ottawa Valley and the Outaouais. Normally we would list them all out but there are just too many.

▪️YukYuks is opening a new location inside Biagio's Italian Kitchen on Richmond Road, starting September 6. The current YukYuk’s in the Mariott Hotel on Kent Street will stay open.

▪️Dunrobin Distillery has received a $5 million investment from the Swiss firm Seven Seals Innovation AG. An angle of the deal will allow Dunrobin to be distributed internationally.

▪️The month-long Chef's Table series returns to the National Arts Centre. Each week for four weeks, a local chef will team up with Elgin 1’s executive chef Kenton Leier for a three course dinner, followed by a session from a local musician performing from an in-canal barge. This week, it's  Yannick Anton, executive chef of Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa in Sandy Hill; Aug 25 to 27 it's chefs Stacy Johnston and Minette Lotz of the Naramata Inn in BC’s Okanagan Valley; Sept 1 to 3 will be Algonquin College’s Tanya Skeates; and Sept 8 to 10 will be chef Joe Thottungal, of the soon-to-reopen Coconut Lagoon.

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ?️ A mix of sun and cloud. High of 25°, low of 16°.   

Number: 200. The number of swimmers that came out for the Ottawa Riverkeeper Open Water Swim fundraiser. The event raised more than $12,000 to help Riverkeeper’s activities on protecting the Ottawa River. [Ottawa Citizen] [Donations]

Ottawans of the Day: Julie Brousseau. The high school student from Nepean won 11 medals for swimming at the Canada Games, tying the record. Brousseau was awarded six gold, one silver, and four bronze medals. [CBC]

Quote: ‘It’s hard to put into words how painful it is to read over and over and over again how she’s a hero and how we’re so lucky to have her advocate for us’ – A mother incensed at the invasion of privacy by an Ottawa Police officer who accessed the files on the death of her child. The officer, who did not have authorization to view the files, was on a private investigation on the link between COVID 19 vaccinations of parents and child deaths. The officer has been charged with misconduct. [Ottawa Citizen]

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▪️Secret documents written by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service warned the Federal government that dispersing the Trucker convoy may lead to an ‘opportunistic attack’ against a politician or symbol of government. The documents were released to Canadian Press under an Access to Information Act request. The documents said that violence would probably be from individual acts not an organized response. [CBC]

▪️Former nurse needs a liver transplant donor after an accidental needle prick. Thirty-two years ago, Pam Hopkins-Dargavel was pricked by a needle that was tainted by Hepatitis C. Despite years of treatment, she now needs a new liver, which is complicated by the fact that she has a rare blood type – type B. Hopkins-Dargavel is hoping for a living donor – someone that will donate a portion of their liver. Donors need to have blood type O+, O-, B+ or B-, be between the ages of 16 and 60, and be in good health. [CTV] [Donor Information]

▪️The CBC wants to hear from Indigenous individuals, communities, and organizations at a meet-and-greet August 30. The broadcaster is inviting exchanges between its Indigenous Staff and Indigenous participants, who meet around a meal to get to know each other better. The session will be at the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health in Vanier. [CBC]

▪️The Stanley Cup will be coming to Petawawa August 30. Shawn Allard, the skills coach for the Colorado Avalanche, is bringing the Cup to his hometown as a fundraiser for a new Zamboni for the city. (As of this writing, Petawawa has raised $20 of the $13,000 machine). The Cup will have a military escort through the town to the Civic Centre, where tickets will be $10. This is probably the closest Ottawa will ever get to the Cup, amirite? [CTV]

+ Related Turns out that was a cheap joke. There will be a ‘Skate With The Cup’ event at the Bell Sensplex on August 31, a fundraiser for for the Ottawa Heart Insitute. We would link to this event, but much like the Senator's trophy cabinet, we can't see anything there.

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