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Food + Drink Roundup

It’s a gorgeous day to get out and sample Ottawa’s incredible food and beverage businesses. 

▪️ We have our eyes on Sula Wok’s dumpling jungle salad, a bowl of colour and flavour featuring tofu strips, dumplings, zucchini noodles, veggies, edible blossoms, and crunchy roasted ramen. 184 Main Street. 

▪️ Ashton Brewing's ode to refreshing summer drinks is the Ashton Sour Ale, made with sweet raspberries, $3.10 per 473ml can. If you love fruit but sours aren’t your thing, they’ve also got a delicious sounding Black Cherry and Lemonade Radler and a Blueberry Wheat beer. Ashton’s super scenic pub patio overlooking the Jock River is open seven days a week, from 11:00am to 8:30pm. 

▪️ Orléans, keep your eye on Occo Kitchen at 4240 Innes Road. They’ve just started promoting their “Occo Ice Cream Bar,” which promises soft serve, milkshakes, and sundaes. No launch date yet, so keep checking their social media. 

▪️ Merry Dairy’s Butter Tart flavour ice cream is back for a limited time only! Available in scoops and pints, it’s the dairy’s signature vanilla base with crumbled pieces of freshly made butter tarts. OMG. Get them at 102 Fairmont or order online. 

▪️ Broadhead Beer has announced the return of last summer’s favourite thirst quencher, Peach Mango Kölsch 2.0. This year’s edition promises 30% more peaches and mango, which sounds pretty refreshing to us. Available for a limited time only. $3.95 per 473ml can. Shipping is a flat rate $10. 

▪️ Having made our own onion rings we’re in awe of these who do it well. This means we’ll be making a pilgrimage to The Laff, who’ve just added in-house onion rings to the menu. They say “We’ve finally landed on the perfect combo of sweet onions and crispy batter.” $10 for a large order (there’s also a small size, but..why?) Served with homemade BBQ mayo as a dipper. 42 York Street. 

▪️ Dalhousie Food Cupboard has relaunched their Facebook store where you can make a donation as well as purchase great products like the the grapefruit trio made with fruit donated by Beyond the Pale: Grapefruit Habanero Salsa, Fuzz on Fire Grapefruit Hot Sauce, and handmade soap. You’ll probably learn more about the shop and products at the Dalhousie Food Cupboards’ AGM on June 29th (register by emailing [email protected]). 

▪️ We were already big fans of Bar Robo’s merch; remember the cute coffee mug we suggested as a Christmas gift? Well, they’ve now turned their attention to beer glasses, and although it’s not on sale yet, we think it's going to be just as popular as the coffee mug. It’s a streamlined glass with a gentle lip, festooned with the Bar Robo logo. Can’t wait to have one of those in our hands. 

▪️ The Citizen loved the sophisticated thrills of The Moonroom on Preston.

▪️ NarCity tried the new subscription pizza service. They were not thrilled but did like the variety of vegan pizzas.

▪️ Chef Jason Mclelland, whose Mechanicsville restaurant Grunt was unceremoniously evicted last December, is now cooking at Working Title Kitchen in Sandy Hill


Coming up

▪️ Friday (June 25) is National Food Truck Day, when we'll be listing some of your favourite food trucks. Get in touch with your own faves [email protected]

▪️ If you’ve ever been curious about the goings on in an artist’s studio, join the Red Trillium Studio Tour July 3 and 4 from 10:00am to 5:00pm in rural West Carleton. Artists will be opening up their usually private work settings for visitors. Plan your tour with a visit to their Facebook page, for maps and information about the artists. 


We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ☔️ 33 per cent chance of showers. High of 22°, low of 11°

Number: $20.8 million. The amount of the dividend that the City-owned Hydro Ottawa will pay to the treasury.  [Newswire]

Ottawan of the Day: Katie Tallo. Kallo’s novel of murder in Eastern Ontario, Dark August, was chosen as an Editor’s Choice in the New York Times and was a Canadian bestseller. [Faces Mag]

Quote: I do not believe him – Ontario Court of Justice David Berg about the testimony of an Ottawa Police officer of how he found evidence at a traffic stop. The Court then threw out the evidence: a grenade launcher.  [Ottawa Citizen]


? 12,869.310 doses have been administered in Ontario

At this rate, it will take 1.4 weeks to give each Ontarian one dose each

Info from Vaccination tracker by Andrew Lam (@socialvizcanada)

Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines delivery tracker
Federal Goverment database listing predicted future deliveries

? Public Health Reports:


? 15 new cases since yesterday

? 27,604 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19

♦️588 deaths, no new reports

? 689,864 vaccinated with one dose

? 170,792 vaccinated with two doses


? 3 new cases since yesterday

? 12,439 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19

♦️214 deaths, no new reports

? 342,248 doses of vaccine have been administered


? 0 new cases since yesterday

? 4,731 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19

♦️107 deaths, no new reports

? 161,977 doses of vaccine have been administered 


⭕ The City has launched a waitlist tool to notify residents of last-minute availability of COVID-19 vaccines. It resets daily, so you must register for it every day. [City of Ottawa] [Last Minute Waitlist]

⭕ New Edinburgh resident Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that Canada/US border restrictions may be loosened in the next few weeks if things go well. [CBC]

⭕ Dr Vera Etches says that stopping COVID-19 outbreaks in the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre must be a priority. [CBC]

⭕ “You've had your 2nd dose. What's safe to do now?” Some good questions and answers here. Fully vaccinated people can meet indoors or hug maskless, but it's trickier when mixing vaccinated and unvaccinated people. [CBC]

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▪️ Barrhaven councillor Jan Harder has resigned from the City’s planning commission. The Intrigity Commissioner released a 101 page report that detailed how Harder paid her friend’s company, developer Stirling Group, for planning advice while at the same time owner Jim Stirling was a registered lobbyist with the City, lobbying for planning changes. The resignation occurs a few hours before City Council was to discuss if she should be removed from the committee. [Global]

▪️ Neighbours of Tunney's Pasture want to know what the Federal Government is doing with the 49 hectacre campus. The last time the City was notified was 2014, when the plan promised a vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhood featuring residential, commercial and office buildings. But residents have noticed construction is going on and they don't know if plans have changed. [CBC]

▪️ Hip-hop artist Lindasson has released a new single Forever Loner Baby [Shifter] [YouTube]

▪️ The Calypso Water Park is expecting to open to the public on July 5. Tickets are being sold now. [Faces Mag] [Calypso Water Park]

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