Thursday, April 28, 2022

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Weekend Plans

The impending bikers’ thing this weekend might create traffic snarls and road closures, and some businesses will be shuttered, so check before you head out. 

▪️The ByTowne Cinema’s lineup includes 80th anniversary screenings of Casablanca, the 1950s-set English tailor drama The Outfit, the film adaptation of All My Puny Sorrows, and 1993’s Demolition Man

▪️The Mayfair is screening Bad Roads in association with the Embassy of Ukraine. All net proceeds will be donated to the National Bank of Ukraine, Fundraising Account for Humanitarian Assistance to Ukrainians. 

▪️613Flea returns for another spectacular market on Saturday (April 30th) at the Aberdeen Pavilion. 

▪️Have a retro good time at the drive-in fundraiser by the South Gloucester United Church. Bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks to A Night at the Drive-In Movies at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 6127, 8021 Mitch Owens Road. Tickets cost $43.45. 

▪️Discover new writers and performers as Ottawa Fringe Festival’s Undercurrents Festival winds down at Arts Court. 

Mother’s Day

▪️Shower your Mother with a tulip bouquet from Roam Flora. The Mother’s Day Bundle comes with a 500g jar of honey from the farm and a Dahlia mix pack of three tubers for her garden. $70. 

▪️Surprise your mama with a pretty new pyjama set. 49th Apparel is offering free shipping when you buy two pairs of pyjama or nightshirts, until April 30th.

▪️Treat Mum to a glamorous three course meal at Biagio’s Kitchen, which offers a choice of duck breast, lobster and crab cannelloni, roast chicken, or spring vegetable and cheese tart. $45 + HST per person. Reservations required.

▪️The beautifully designed (and Canadian made) Herb Lover’s Agenda by Herbal Maker makes a great gift for your mother figure. It comes with an herbal teabag so she can enjoy a cuppa while she reads the recipes, learns about herbs, and makes plans. $45 + shipping. 

Floury words

No one had anything to say to us regarding our question yesterday: does anyone use a breadbox any longer? Is it worth comparing something in size to it? 

But reader Ken was appalled to our referring to Prince Charles as ‘Chuck’. It ‘shows the mentality how the younger generation think’, Ken wrote. 

Assuming Darren is a member of ‘the younger generation’ is unfortunately the exact kind of thing that will make his ego grow even larger. Certainly larger than a breadbox.

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ☀️ Sunny. High of 9°, low of -2°. 

Number: 14,000. The drop in the number of Baby Boomers who reside in the Ottawa region, reducing their per centage of the population to 21.5. To this news, Gen Z is cheering while Gen X says ‘whatever’. [Ottawa Citizen

Ottawan of the Day: Jamie Chai Yun Liew. The University of Ottawa professor has written her first novel, Dandelion. The launch party is at the Ottawa Art Gallery tomorrow from 5 pm to 7 pm. [Ottawa Citizen]

Quote: ‘I bought this house here and I spent a lot of money on this house. I can’t move anywhere else, so I’m just saying it’s not fair that the city will amend the zoning without considering the existing residents … We were here first’ – ‘Madalaine’ to the Inuit elders who would be the beneficiaries of Larga Baffin. The residential medical faciity is proposed for the West Hunt Club neighbourhood and would be used by those Elders who cannot get medical care in the North. [Nunatsiaq News]

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Information is as of this morning. Changes are relative to yesterday.


hospitalizationschangein icuchange
1,661? -73202? -2
1,252,57? 3,56012,792 ? 20
? Eligible people vaccinated with one dose (5+)92.6% 
? Eligible people vaccinated with two doses (5+)


? All people in Ontario with third dose49.1%

Ontario COVID Page    Ontario Vaccine Rates 


hospitalizationschangein icuchange
2,326? -4685? 7
1,039,426? 3,38414,951 ? 23
? Eligible people vaccinated with one dose (5+)99.2%
? Eligible people vaccinated with two doses (5+)87.3%
? All people in Quebec with third dose51.2%

Quebec COVID Page     Quebec Vaccine Rates


hospitalizationschangein icuchange
36? 03? -1
cases changedeaths
71,255? 252777 ? 0
? Eligible people vaccinated with one dose (5+)915,737 (92%)
? Eligible people vaccinated with two doses (5+)879,628 (89%)
? Eligible people vaccinated with three doses (12+)572,200 (63%)

Ottawa Public Health     Ottawa Vaccination Rates.    Ottawa Wastewater 


hospitalizationschangein icuchange
96? -136? -1
38,871? 60301  ? 1

As of April 28, 2022 Updated Weekly

? Eligible people vaccinated with one dose (12+) 88.2%
? Eligible people vaccinated with two doses (12+)86.2%

Outaouais Public Health    Quebec Vaccination Rates


The Health Unit is changing the way they report. In the meantime, they are reporting only selected information. 

hospitalizationschangein icuchange
14? 13? 0
active caseschangedeaths
-? -226 ? 0

Eastern Ontario Health Unit.   Daily Stats  



⭕ Parents in Ottawa can now request the Moderna vaccine for their kids aged 6 to 12 after a University of Ottawa professor filed a human rights complaint. Previously, only the Pfizer vaccine was available. Some health professionals believe the Moderna vaccine is a better choice than Pfizer. [Ottawa Citizen]

⭕ Country star Chris Stapleton is the latest major act to be cancelled in Ottawa due to a COVID-19 outbreak amongst the band. [Ottawa Citizen]

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▪️An Unwelcome Committee greeting is being planned for the Rolling Thunder convoy. Community Solidarity Ottawa is planning the party for 5 pm Friday at Strathcona Park. [Ottawa Citizen] [Community Solidarity Ottawa]

+ Related The Ottawa Police Services Board has approved a request for 800 Mounties to assist during Rolling Thunder. 631 Mounties have already been sworn in from the Trucker siege.

+ Related Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston MPP Randy Hillier has lost his bid to be allowed in downtown Ottawa. Hillier, who is on bail for assaulting a peace or public officer; two counts of obstructing or resisting a public officer; one count of obstructing or resisting someone aiding a public or peace officer; three counts of counselling an uncommitted indictable offence, two of them considered mischief; and two counts of mischief or obstructing property exceeding $5,000 said he hadn't been planning on attending the Rolling Thunder convoy anyway.

▪️93.7 per cent of the money that the City sent to a fraudster has now been recovered. The fraudsters, who had hacked the email of the CEO of the Salvation Army Booth Centre, sent a thank you email to the CIty, then asked for another round of money. As the money was sent to a Canadian bank, the City expects that it will get all the money back. [CBC

▪️Trucker siege co-organizer Tamara Lich is asking for more access to social media while she is on bail. Her lawyer is in court arguing that errors of law were made in her bail hearing. [CBC]

▪️The woman who danced on top of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider during the Trucker siege won't be charged with anything. We had assumed that she had not been found, but it turns out she had been tracked down. She lives in another province, the Ottawa Police won't name her, and said that she showed remorse so she will not be charged. [CBC]

▪️Ottawa Police Service constable who pleaded guilty to insubordination, breach of confidence, and discreditable conduct under the Police Services Act will keep his job. The School Resource officer used the police database to provide information to a woman he had previously asked on social media for a threesome. The Ottawa Police are asking a disciplinary hearing for a two-year demotion, the officer is asking for a 20 days forfeited salary. [CBC]

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