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It was a big day at the Police Services Board yesterday.

Eleven members of the public presented, almost all of whom advocated a version of defunding the police.

Police Chief Peter Sloly told the Police Board that the mental health crisis response unit will be expanded to 24 hours, instead of the current eight hours per day and twelve hours per day on the weekend. 

This should help those that have a crisis outside of convenient working hours. 

The Chief’s main thrust was his announcement of restructuring the police to focus on community policing and mental health teams. 

His vision is that the Ottawa police will be dividied into three sections:  Investigations, Information, and Intelligence, Community Policing, and  Corporate Services. The implication is that Community Policing will be equal in priority to other police actions. 

Chief Sloly seems to have heard the critics. Can he get the rest of the service to buy in?

We'll see you tomorrow  – Martha and Darren


Weather: ⛈️ 40% chance of showers. High of 30°.

Number: 1%. The number of complaints against the Ottawa Police Service that result in disciplinary action [Ottawa Citizen

Ottawan of the Day:  Ryan Rodrigs. The Ottawa teen created an app that knows when you are in public and reminds you to take proper precautions. [CFRA] [YUNAL App]

Quote: We can’t be so special that we’re the only ones on the planet with a transit system that can’t run” – Brigitte Pellerin who believes at the O Train is fixable, somehow  [Ottawa Citizen


 There have been 2443 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19, an increase of 28 since yesterday, and 263 deaths in Ottawa, no new reports – a 31 day streak.

⭕ The Province promises $4 billion bailout for transit systems and municipalities [CBC]

⭕ Ottawa Public Health is musing making bars and restaurants by reservation only to control numbers [CFRA]

⭕ Housecat in the UK comes down with the Coronavirus [UK Gov]

⭕ Health Canada has its first approved treatment for COVID-19 for some people's symptoms, Remdesivir. The treatment has already been approved in the US, Japan, and Australia. [Ottawa Citizen]

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▪️The owner of Kardish Health Foods has launched a petition to kick homeless people out of the Jim Durrell Recreation Centre, which the City has made into a makeshift shelter. Robert Assaf launched the petition as the centre has two ice rinks which are in high demand in the city but out of commission at the moment. In response to Assaf's request, Alta Vista ward councillor Jean Cloutier wrote to Assaf, ““I have to take a moment to remind you that we are still in the middle of a pandemic and our shelter system is among the most at-risk.” [Press Progress] [The Petition]

▪️The Governor General has hired a former Cirque du Soleil executive as Chief of Staff. Formerly held by a military officer, Brigitte Carbonneau will ensure that ensuring deadlines and quality standards are met.  [CBC]


🍽️🍺 Food + Beer News

▫️Vimy Brewing is offering free Ontario-wide delivery until August 3rd. It’s a perfect time to enjoy their range of IPA, Pale Ale, Wheat Beer and Stout on the balcony or dock. [Vimy Beer]

▫️Broadhead Beer’s got a lively, summer brew available in limited quantities. The Taproom Series Peach Manago Kölsch sounds perfect for these humid summer days. Pick it up at the brewery or have it delivered Ontario-wide. Oh, and if your wardrobe needs a boost, they’ve got a deal on now that includes a free Broadhead t-shirt with orders over $80. [Broadhead Beer]

▫️Flora Hall Beer is participating in a fundraising initiative for Centretown Emergency Food Centre. You can get a cool t-shirt in support of the fundraiser from the brewer for $15. Find out more about the Food Centre, which is located in the basement of the Centretown United Church at 507 Bank Street. [Flora Hall Beer] [Centretown Emergency Food Centre]



It’s hard to find the energy to cook in this heat, and who wants to turn on the oven? Baked goods created by one of the Ottawa area’s many fine bakeries and delis could be the answer.

▫️The Piggy Market is going on its annual holiday from August 2nd to 9th, so this is the final week for a while to enjoy the artisanal deli’s treats. This week’s menu includes Creole Braised Pork Ribs (today), Beef Wellington (Wednesday), Piggy Market Ramen (Thursday), Grilled Lamb and Queso Blanco stuffed Tortillas (Friday). They’ve got loads of other meat and veg meal ideas, and of course, desserts. [Piggy Market]

▫️Meanwhile, over at Bread by Us on Wellington, Fridays are “Focaccia Fridays” and they’ve got a variety of delicious breads with meat, veggie, and vegan toppings to choose from.

Order your quarter pan (equivalent to 4 slices) now for pick up on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Please note the bakery’s hours during the current COVID-19 situation are: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2pm to 6pm. [Bread By Us]

▫️Boulangerie Lusa/Lusa Bakery in Hull and Hintonburg specializes in flavourful Portuguese bread and pastry treats, and they’re currently searching for an experienced baker to join their team. A culinary diploma and experience with Portuguese pastry would be assets. [Lusa]

▫️In croissant news, Black Walnut Bakery in Cumberland has Nanaimo Croissants, which combine two of our most favourite things in the world. Imagine the flavours and textures of the humble Nanaimo bar: dark chocolate, coconut, and custard cream. Now, imagine them enveloped in the flakey layers of a buttery croissant. Yeah. They’re available for pre-order from the bakery via the website, or visit in person from Wednesday to Saturday, 10:00am to 5:00pm. 979 Cameron Street, Cumberland. [Black Walnut Bakery]


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