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It's been one year since the Rideau Transit Group handed over the keys of the LRT to the City. A year that we discovered it wasn't tested for snow, that it seems to have square wheels, and more parts have fallen of the trains than Darren's old Fiat. The pandemic was a godsend to the O Train – you can't complain about it if you are not riding it.

Which is why the report from Gatineau's transit authority, STO, is so refreshing. In their survey, the vast majority of Gatineau and Ottawa residents want trams to connect the two downtowns. The majority also want any future tram to run under Sparks Street and half think that running them down Wellington won't ruin the view.

It shows that people are still enthuastic about light rapid transit and increasing destinations, not creating sealed off neighbourhoods.

The City's transportation committee will meet on Wednesday to discuss the STO's findings. Let's hope they the Committee finds it inspring and that the O-Train’s annus horribilis doesn't create cold feet.  


We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren


Weather: ☀️ Mainly sunny. High of 22° 

Number: 200,000. The number of protestors against mask wearing expected by organisers on Parliament Hill last Saturday. IRL it was apparently a smaller crowd. [CBC]

Ottawan of the Day:  Body Ngoy. The author has just written a comic book, The Canadian, about Black Canadians' experiences. [Ottawa Citizen] [Kickstarter]

Quote: Let's face it, I'm working out of a bedroom, and many federal employees across the city are doing the same – Councillor Tim Tierney, chair of the City transportation committee, which has put off a study on the City's traffic patterns because this year is probably not a good representation [CBC]

Sports: CPL: Hamilton’s Forge FC topped Atlético Ottawa 2 - 0. 


For up-to-date info, view the Ottawa Public Health COVID-19 dashboard

 There have been 2946 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19, an increase of 53 since Friday, and 266 deaths in Ottawa, no new reports.

⭕ Longterm care home residents may now leave their facilities – but no overnighters [CBC]

⭕ Five staff members of Shaker Cuisine & Mixologie in Gatineau test positive for COVID-19. The restaurant will remain open using outside employees. [CBC]

⭕ Baseline Road Walmart pharmacy worker tests positive for COVID-19 [CTV]

⭕ Two staffers at ByWard Market Keg Restaurant test positive for COVID-19 [CTV]

🍁 The Canada COVID Alert App

Be alerted if you have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Ontario only, sorry Gatineau. 

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▪️The NCC plans to cut back unofficial trails in Gatineau park and limit access to sensitive areasThe park has 530 km of unofficial trails but only 200 km of maintained ones.  [CBC]

+ Related NarCity recommends King Mountain in Gatineau Park as the perfect leaf watching vista and 1.8 km walk

▪️The presentation of The Comedy of Errors by the Company of Adventurers, a student Shakesperian group, was allowed to go ahead yesterday. The group of kid actors has performed Shakespeare in an Old Ottawa backyard for 10 summers but was cancelled this year by the City after a complaint from a neighbour. After other neighbours complained to the City about the cancellation, one show was permitted and a Bylaw Officer will do an inspection to determine if more can be performed. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Something is going on with the sturgeon in the Ottawa River.  Five dead sturgeon have been found in Constance Bay in just the past few months, when dead sturgeon are rarely ever found. The creatures can live over 100 years and once were part of a valuable fishing industry on the Ottawa. [Ottawa Citizen]

+ Related Carleton study determines that pouring Diet Coke on fish gills does not stop bleeding Yes, it IS related. It happened in Ottawa and refers to fish, just like the previous story. We're not sure why anyone thought Diet Coke would help fish but we're not university profs, are we? The study also tested Mountain Dew. It also did not work.

▪️The City gave 'no swim' warnings on the beaches 75 times this summer.  Reasons to give 'no swim' warnings are E. Coli, significant rainfall, and other water quality reasons. Since this summer had little in the way of rainstorms, we just have to say, 'Ewwww'. Ottawa has removed lifeguards from beaches for the year, as of today. [CTV]


🍳 Back to School: Culinary Arts

The pandemic has generated a surge in popularity of two things: drive-in movies and home cooking. As social media tells us, many people who were formerly happy with grocery store bread have become enthusiastic bakers themselves. For some, the pandemic has even prompted some to pivot their careers into food.

Career changes require training. Although some courses are on hold, plenty are still going ahead during these COVID-19 times, with safety measures in place. Here are some Ottawa courses as well as online options. 

▫️Renowned Le Cordon Bleu provides culinary training that is recognized worldwide. That expertise and reputation comes with a hefty price tag, however: the three month Basic Cuisine Certificate runs $11K, and the nine month Pastry and Confectionery diploma costs just under $30K. [Le Cordon Bleu]

▫️Algonquin College offers a full time one year pastry diploma. Its combination of theory and practical courses as well as shop management and sanitation will give students a well rounded education in the baking arts. The cost is approximately $6K. [Algonquin College]

Algonquin College overview video

▫️Of course, online courses abound. George Brown College in Toronto has a selection of digital culinary courses. [George Brown]

George Brown Alumna Profile


You’ll also find plenty of courses on YouTube. 

▫️While it’s not Canadian, check out the useful five episode series on layer cakes at Bon Appétit [YouTube]

▫️If you’ve wondered how a chef spends their day, this interview uploaded by Job Talks explains what it’s like working in an ingredient plant. [YouTube]


🛍️ Shopping

▫️Flowers Talk Tivoli in Westboro is currently holding a virtual sidewalk sale. In addition to plants, there are bargains in planters and pots as well as garden decor and tools. [Flowers Talk Tivoli]

▫️“CAN” and “YYC” t-shirts at Calgary’s Local Laundry are currently 25% off. 

They’re made in Canada. Like the company says:

“When you buy a piece of Made in Canada clothing you are voting with your heart and your wallet to support Canadian Manufacturing, Canadian Jobs, and a diversified Canadian economy.”

The sale has been running all month so we have a feeling it’ll end soon. Better hurry if you want a gorgeous tee at the sale price. [Local Laundry]

▫️Pick up a pink tank top for $10 at the Ottawa Valley Apparel site. [Ottawa Valley]


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