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We wouldn’t be Ottawans if we didn’t look for loopholes. In a town whose major employers are civil servants and high tech workers, why is anyone surprised that we’re experts at looking at the fine print.

Which is why it is great news that Ottawa Public Health has relented and recognised it is okay for friends to meet on lawns and driveways for beers and chats, albeit at a safe two metre distance. There is still five person limit.

On that topic, the city has created a Q&A of how to conduct yourselves in parks. TL;DR — keep moving, don’t sit on the benches, no playing fetch with your dog. The loopholes are infinitesimal.

Another loophole closed: if you are a seasonal worker, have finshed your EI, or make less than $1000 per month, you can now apply for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit.

We’ll see you Friday — Martha and Darren



Weather: Chance of flurries or rain showers a high of 5°

Number: One Fifth. The per centage of Canadians who have increased their drinking, creating the idea of the Quarantini. [Ottawa Citizen]

Ottawan of the Day: Xuhua Xia, biology professor at the University of Ottawa, who wants to stress the ‘maybe’ part of the paper he published this week, which said that ‘maybe stray dogs transmitted coronavirus to humans’ [Ottawa Citizen]

Quote: “Address the real problem and mandate instead that the institutions pay them $30 an hour, give them full-time positions, give them a pension and decent benefits and the ranks will fill with eager and willing workers in months” – John Young, MD on how to attract care home workers [Ottawa Citizen]


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There have been 643 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19 in Ottawa and 13 deaths.

People living with health-care workers, caregivers now eligible for testing at the Brewer Street facility [CBC]

New study says COVID-19 can jump from the dead to the living [Ottawa Citizen]

People with opioid addictions are struggling even with a legally prescribed supply [Ottawa Citizen]

Cremetoriums have been ordered to operate around the clock [Ottawa Citizen]

OC‌ Transpo will only transport one para passenger at a time, and has taped up double decker air vents [Ottawa Citizen]

WestJet to lay off 1,700 pilots [Toronto Star]

Canadian Mental Health Association says there is a looming “echo pandemic” of mental health issues as the coronavirus outbreak takes a heavy toll on isolated Canadians, health-care workers, and those who’ve seen usual mental health supports vanish [Toronto Star]


Owner of the care homes taken over by Quebec where 31 people died, has convictions for drug trafficking and fraud [CBC]

+‌Related Different co-owner of a Gatineau seniors residence charged with sexual assault [Ottawa Citizen]

Beautiful and creepy
Drone video of empty Ottawa streets [Apt13]

Son arrested in murder of 90 year-old man
John Hulbert was discovered stabbed to death in his Grenon Avenue apartment [Ottawa Citizen]

Will CEBL, CPL and CFL make it through?
The Canadian Elite Basketball League, new soccer organisation Canadian Premier League, and the Canadian Football League don’t have the TV money of the major league and depend on spectators [CBC]

Ottawa doctor loses his medical license for acts of voyeurism and sexual abuse
Dr. Vincent Nadon acts were described at a disciplinary hearing as the “most reprehensible conduct imaginable by a physician.” [Ottawa Citizen]

Tulip festival will return
But there will be no toilets, first-aid, rubbish bins, or areas to sit and look at the pretty flowers [Ottawa Citizen]



🎧 The “Something Rhymes with Purple” show, hosted by Brits Susie Dent (“Countdown”) and broadcaster Gyles Brandreth, examines words. It’s anything but dull: in the January 13 episode, the cheery duo explained how France (the country), frankincense (the Christmas thing) and the name Frank are all linked. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, “hirple” rhymes with purple. [Something Else]

🌨️ Can we please talk about this awkward weather? Minus 6? Windchill? It’s the middle of April, and winter needs to be over. Now.

🎼Ottawa Symphony is 55 years old this year, but thanks to COVID-19 there will be no in-person celebration concert. Instead, kick back and listen to stories and music from the orchestra’s archives. [Ottawa Symphony


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