Issue 657 Volume 3 Number 157

The Ottawan



It's Monday, November 28 2022 and we're are wondering if our old 2010 Ford Fusion can get us to Finch, Merrickville, Smiths Falls, or Perth to see the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train, which is making stops in those towns at 2:30, 4:45, 6:20, and 7:40 respectively.



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Eggnog Latte Odyssey

It made us a little sad when that big commercial coffee brand stopped offering Eggnog Lattes at Christmas time. So the ottawan has started compiling a list of places that you can still buy this delicious blending of coffee, milk product, and spices. We can only spare so much time in this pursuit, however, so we humbly ask you, our dear readers, to let us know where you get yours. 

Where to buy an Eggnog Latte

☕ Carlington Coffee House uses a rotating list of coffees roasted in Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. We had a superb a Eggnog Latte with oat milk (note: we choose oat milk for the lower calorie count; the eggnog syrup is not vegan). 917 Merivale Road. 

☕ Keepers Coffee, Pakenham. In addition purchasing a flavourful eggnog latte, we browsed their extensive selection of plants, locally made food and home gifts, and well curated vintage products. 2518 County Road No 29, Pakenham, Once-ler’s (closed Monday and Tuesday). 

☕ Bridgehead is offering Eggnog Lattes as part of their holiday menu until December 29. 2140 Carling Ave and others.

☕ Planet Coffee has Eggnog Lattes on the menu, alongside the usual selection of baked treats. 24a York Street. 

☕ Latte, schmatte. Equator Coffee's locations are serving up Eggnog London Fogs. Yes, they really are!

Advent Calendar Super List

We've made a list of all the made-in-Canada Advent Calendars that we have talked about recently. You can find it here. Email to us if you have suggestions for additions. And yes, Advent actually started yesterday.

Cyber Monday Deals of the Day

▪️Shop for yummy chocolate stocking stuffers at Alicja Confections and be rewarded with discounts. Spend $50 and save 10%, $125 will get you a 25% discount, and spend $250 and save a massive 40%. 

▪️Spend $150 at Beau’s and receive an attractive scarf for free. Valid only on orders placed today, using the code CYBER22 at checkout. 

▪️Get 10% off everything at Maker House, until 11:59pm tonight. Shop local, shop Canadian. 

▪️The Black Friday discounts at Two Brothers Toffee end tonight at 11:59pm.

▪️Whiprsnapr’s got a deal that’s so good it’s only available until noon tomorrow (November 29). Buy a $100 gift card for only $80. Use the code CYBERMONDAY at checkout. 

▪️Need some holiday reads to fill you with the holiday spirit? When you shop for gently used books at Secondhand Stories, your money helps animals in need. 

▪️The list of deals at Stroked Ego is too big for this newsletter. Find savings on fashion, accessories, underwear, and grooming products.


Twice last week we referred to Convoy lawyer Brendan Miller accusing, at the Emergency Act inquiry, an officer of public relations firm Enterprise Canada of walking around the protest with a Nazi flag in order to discredit the event. The officer accused was a Senior Vice President; we incorrectly wrote that Miller accused a different and more senior position. We apologise for the error.

Enterprise Canada and the Senior Vice President deny the accusation completely and have served Miller with a notice of defamation.

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ❄️ 30% chance of flurries. High of 2°, low of -7°. 

Number:  27. The number of cats that the Ottawa Humane Society received on a single day last week, the ‘cat boom’ raising the population to 286 moggies that need a home. [Ottawa Citizen] [Adopt]

Ottawan of the Day: Clément Bataille. The associate professor in the University of Ottawa’s department of earth and environmental sciences has published a study – with others – on how the Earth eventually recovered after 95 per cent of species were wiped out. No, not the meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs, that was a cakewalk compared to the Permian–Triassic extinction event. That time, carbon dioxode choked the air and elevated temperatures, killing most life of Earth. Stop us if you have heard this before. After 10 million years, it all worked itself out. [Capital Current

Quote: ‘Lots of folks don't have the luxury of hopping in a car to go elsewhere’ – River Ward councillor Riley Brockington, who is fighting to keep the Mooney’s Bay Park hill open for tobogganing. The City wants it closed due to fatal accident of an 11 year-old last winter when she hit a metal sign pole. Brockington says that work can be done to make parts of the hill safe. [CBC

Sports: NHL Ottawa Senators 3 – Los Angeles Kings 2, last night OHL Ottawa 67s 5 – Sudbury Wolves 1, last night; Ottawa 67s 2 – Peterborough Petes 3, last Saturday QMJHL Olympiques de Gatineau 2 – Remparts de Québec 5, last Saturday

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🚨 The Emergency Act Inquiry

▪️The public testimony phase of the Inquiry has ended. The commissioners will now hear from around 50 experts about topics such as fundamental freedoms and whether or not the act needs updating.

▪️The cost of the Emergency Act Inquiry is expected to run around $18.8 million

The Rest

▪️Using a weird way of counting a day, local mom and pop business Shopify says that its sellers had the highest Black Friday revenue ever. Sellers who use Shopify's system sold US$3.36 billion in goods and services, up 17 per cent over last year. We note that Shopify measures Black Friday from the start of the day New Zealand Standard Time to the end of the day in the Pacific Time Zone, which by our calculators, gives an extra 21 hours of sales,  and making it a 45 hour sales day. [CityNews

▪️The cheerleading squad of the junior football team Ottawa Sooners was disbanded after the owner sent an email that said they were there for the ‘amusement of the primarily male spectators’. Cheer team coach Kelly Nightingale resigned after the emails last May, and the squad disbanded soon after. Team owner and head coach Kevin Ling wrote to Nightingale: ‘Cheerleading is about the look vs. the skill. The reality to me is that this is an activity that required the girls to dress in skimpy outfits and are there for the amusement of the primarily male spectators. The skill, if we want to be honest, is to look as attractive as one can.’ The Canadian Junior Football League’s disciplinary committee is investigating Ling. [CBC]

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