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Today is the first day businesses can apply for the Federal Wage Subsidy Programme.

The idea is rather than have the Federal Government pay people directly, the government will give that money to private business who will keep existing employees on the payroll, or rehire laid off employees back.

To be eligible, a business must already have registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and have lost at least 15% of their revenue after March 15.

The government will then transfer 75 per cent of the business' payroll next week. It's expected that the business will pay the other 25 per cent.

The Federal Government's intention here is to keep a relationship between businesses and their employees, otherwise when this is all over, there could be millions of people unemployed and asking for Universal Basic Income.

But chancers beware: the CRA isn't asking for a lot of documentation now, but they'll be looking out for those businesses who have not been reporting all their income in previous years but suddenly have a surge now. And it's probably a bad idea to declare your cat as an employee, regardless of how hard it works in deconstruction of your couch.

If you are a business owner, find more information here [Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

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Weather: Chance of showers, high of 11°

Number: 44. The per centage drop in requests for directions to Apple Maps in Ottawa. Transit requests dropped 85 per cent. [CFRA]

Ottawan of the Day:  Amir Attaran, a professor in the Faculties of Law and in the School of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Ottawa. Attaran did a great, sensible, and unsentimetal interview about the flaws of the World Health Organisation to CBC's Sunday Morning [CBC]

Quote: “I’m embarrassed we’re even having this conversation. It would not happen at Carleton, it would not happen at Ottawa U. This shows a lot of disrespect for former athletes” – John MacInnis, former Algonquin’s women’s basketball team coach, who is angry that the Algonquin Students’ Association is renaming campus sports teams from Thunder to Wolves  [Ottawa Sun]



There have been 1,110 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19 in Ottawa, an increase of 123 since Friday, and 52 deaths, an increase of 17.

Premier Doug Ford expected to introduce plans to reopen the economy today [Ottawa Matters]

City will test all residents and staff of long-term care homes for COVID-19  [CBC]

Tensions run high in Gatineau shelter [CBC]

Community Gardens recognised as essential service [CBC]

Province promises $4 per hour increase to staff at long-term care homes, retirement homes, emergency shelters, supportive housing, correctional institutions and youth justice facilities, and home and community care. Does not apply to those who work fewer than 100 hours or grocery workers. [CBC]

Third staffer at Garry J Armstrong long-term care home tests positive [Ottawa Citzen]

Queensway Carleton Hospital will move 16 patients into a Kanata Marriott [CFRA]

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Flying Canoe cider blocked from individual deliveries do to archaic rule
Ontario law says that cideries and wineries must own five acres of land before they can sell direct to the public. This doesn't apply to breweries. [Apt13]

Equestrian centres going broke feeding horses
It can cost $1,000 per month to feed a horse, and closed centres with multiple horses are running out of money   [CBC]

Publicly funded school closure extended to May 31
Education Minister Stephen Lecce says his next announcement will be the final decision on what the school year will look like [CBC]

The Royal Oak Pub could be demolished if plans for new Queensway bridges over the Rideau Canal are approved
The 60 year old bridges would be be replaced by 2023. [Mainstreeter]

In search of the lost Carlsbad Spring
The spring is the reason for the existence of the ghost town of Cathartic, near Pakenham. [Ottawa Rewind]

At today's police board, the OPS will respond to an inquiry about using the creepy facial recognistion sortware, Clearview AI
The whole police board meeting should be on the City YouTube channel [City of Ottawa]

Pedestrians and cyclists can hold on to the Queen Elizabeth Driveway for another fortnight
Recogizing a great success, the NCC has extended the experiment [Ottawa Citizen]



🧁 Put down that sour dough starter. Ottawa bake shop The Scone Witch has run out of clotted cream, so those that crave a smattering of the good stuff have been out of luck. Until now. The bakery posted a link to this handy recipe for making your own clotted cream to enjoy with your scone order.  [Cup Cake Project]


Is your mum an anthophile? Or would she prefer some freshly roasted coffee beans? Here are some gift ideas, all sourced in Ottawa:

☕ Bridgehead Pop Up Bake Sale Round Two starts today. Order baked goods for you and coffee for Mum. Pair items with two small bags of coffee and get free delivery in the Ottawa area. Delivery is only to the Ottawa area. [Bridgehead]

💐 Order Mother’s Day flowers in dreamy neutrals from Maison Anthea [Maison Anthea]

👂If your Mum loves jewellery, Petit Désir Fou features gemstones, brass, leather, and sterling silver designs.  [Petit Désir Fou

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