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What is this rural/urban debate going on at City Hall today?

City staff have calculated that Ottawa will need 92,000 more homes in the next ten years. The debate is where to put them.

This doesn't seem hard. Just build more houses.

Yes, but where. And your answer to that says a lot about your belief system.

Ottawa is very odd in that half of it is an urban city with multi story buildings, strip malls, and vegan dining and half of it is farmland and horses.

Some advocate intensification; building more and taller buildiings in the urban area, expanding transit and cycle lanes, and removing the need for cars. The city would end up being somewhere between Montréal (lots of low-rise buildings spread out) and Vancouver, (lots of very tall buildings in a very small area.)

People who love cities and people who love rural areas have found common ground with this argument.

Okay, what's the other side?

Others advocate for pushing the dividing line between urban and rural out further, opening up acreage for new subdivisions. 

The Ottawa homebuilders association and people who want to own their own single-family home, as opposed to apartment, are together on this.

What does our professional and neutral city hall staff think?

They want half and half. Half new subsdivisions and a few new towers.

Which one will result in cheaper housing?


Will the City hear opposing views on this?

Starting this morning, over 150 people and groups are making representation to City Hall.

Will there be horses at the meeting?

Perhaps. You can watch the debate live on the City Of Ottawa YouTube channel [YouTube]

We'll see you tomorrow — Martha and Darren

PS A reminder, if you are using the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, don't forget that the application for month three begins today. [CERB]


Weather: Cloudy. High of 9° 

Number: 10. Number of years since Kichesippi Beer Company was founded as one the first Ottawa craft breweries.  [Apt 613]

Ottawan of the Day: Zachary Kaminsky, the DIFD Mach Gaensslen chair in suicide prevention research at the Royal's Institute of Mental Health Research who is using AI to accurately assess the risk of suicide among university students  [CBC]

Quote: Governments and science, medical science, are not going to solve this at this moment. We cannot rely on medical science or government to lift this black swan that has sailed in to ruin our ambitions and dreams and hope” – actor Dan Acroyd, who also thinks "It’s the closest thing to an alien invasion that we’ll see in our lifetime"  [Toronto Star]


There have been 1,653 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19 in Ottawa, an increase of 74 since Friday, and 161 deaths, an increase of 20.

Most COVID-19 deaths in Ottawa happened in long-term care homes [Ottawa Matters]
+ Related First resident death at Peter C Clarke long-term care home
+ Related Total of 19 deaths at Carlingview Manor long-tem care
+ Related Total of 27 deaths at Montfort long-term care
+ Related Province wants plan from long-term care operators

Over 1,000,000 jobs have been lost in Ontario due to COVID-19 [CBC]
+ Related Half of those jobs paid less than $16 per hour

Ottawa Gowns 4 Homeless plans to sew 2500 isolation gowns [CBC]

Provincial parks and conservation reserves reopen today [CBC]


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Gatineau elementary schools reopen
New rules include maximum of 15 students per class and 2m spacing of desks [CBC]

All retail stores with an external entrance may open today
For delivery and pick-up only [Ottawa Matters]

Ottawa bird lovers want cat owners to build 'catios'
Movement leader 'compares the campaign to ban free-range cats to the one that ended smoking indoors' [CBC

750 buses to fitted with bike racks by end of May
Don't forget your bike when you exit. [Ottawa Citizen]

New allegation against deputy police chief
What it is, has not been released. Deputy Chief Uday Jaswal is already suspended for alledgedly harassing and assualting a female officer [Ottawa Citizen]

20 new cannabis shops proposed for Ottawa
From Stittsville to Orléans [Ottawa Citizen]

Senators announce refund plans for ticketholders
Seasons ticket holders can roll over until next year, everyone else go get refunds from TicketMaster [Ottawa Sun]



🌱 Plant-based nutrition expert Amy Longard has been offering a virtual cooking class on Saturday afternoons since March. Originally available as a four-class bundle for $49, the May 16th and 23rd courses are available for $15 each. Up this weekend: Turmeric Quinoa Salad with Roasted Beets, Red Cabbage & Black Beans.  [Amy Longard]

🍌 Preston Street’s popular brunch and breakfast spot Stoneface Dolly’s posted their ultra banana-y banana bread recipe a while back. Please report back if you’ve taken a break from sourdough to make it, because it sounds delish [Stoneface Dollys]

🍽️  Fine-dining restaurant Atelier is doing a one-day drive-through. The parking lot can fit six cars, which will be served high-end cuisine McDonald’s style [Ottawa Citizen]

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