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The Canadian Pacific (Okay, it's the Canadian Pacific Kansas City now) Holiday train will be passing nearby Ottawa today – but not anywhere in Ottawa proper.

You can see it go by today:

  • 2:30 pm 2:45 pm – 3:15 pm Finch, Ont. Tracks adjacent to James Street between Williams
    Street and George Street
  • 4:45 pm 5:00 pm – 5:30 pm Merrickville 103 East Broadway and County Road 2, south side of railway crossing near Bay Street
  • 6:20 pm 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm Smiths Falls. Smiths Falls CPKC train station (63 Victoria Street) 
  • 7:40 pm 8:00 pm – 8:30 pm Perth. CPKC rail yard at the of Herriott Street

Here is the full Canadian schedule.

10 Made in Canada Christmas Gifts (Part 1)


The initial installment is here. Keep checking as we’ll keep adding.

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    • 75
    • – The number of years that the Stittsville Public School has been educating students. But that’s not the whole story. The original, one room clapboard Stittsville Public School opened on Carp Roard in 1875. By 1940, students were also being taught in the basement of the Loyal Orange Lodge (now the Stittsville Legion). In 1947, a new mid-century modern Stittsville Public School was built – the anniversary that we’re celebrating — and in 2005, a brand new Stittsville Public School was built. There will be an open house this Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00pm. (Leslie McKay at Stittsville Central

    Ottawan of the Day

    • Allison Fisher
    • –  The executive director of the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health is celebrating 25 years of Indigenous health care. Fisher is also proud of the building itself, designed to be both striking and welcoming. ‘When people come in, they can hear the drums and smell the medicine’. (Elizabeth Payne in the Ottawa Citizen)


    • While we understand that there will be members of the community upset by this news, safety is of paramount importance to the Ottawa Airport Authority

    • – From a statement by the Ottawa Airport Authority Ottawa Airport has started clearcutting the red pines from its plantation on Hunt Club Road this morning. (William Eltherington at CTV)



    • 🏒 NHL Ottawa Senators 3 – NY Islanders 5 last Friday


    What’s going on at City Hall.

    Community Services Committee
    Tuesday, November 28 at 9:30 am

    • 2024 Draft Operating and Capital Budget – Community Services Committee
    • Status update – Community Services Committee inquiries and motions for the period ending November 10, 2023

    📋 Agenda


    🪚 Auditor General

    •  The City’s Auditor General has criticized City staff for lobbying for a Barrhaven development without informing City council. It was discovered that City planning staff told watchdog Rideau Valley Conservation Authority that the City was in favour a new development in the flood plain of the Jock River, if the developer brought in dirt to fill the land. In reality, Council had given no opinion at all and did not even know about the plan. The Auditor General only became aware of the rogue planners because of the City’s fraud hotline. (Arthur White-Crummey)

    ✍️ Ottawa-Carleton French Language School Board

    •  The proposed plan for a French public school in Plouffe park is up for revision. While French-language students desperately need a new school, residents were up in arms over building on top of the 100 year-old Plouffe Park on Somerset St. The City is coming up with a new plan to be revealed in December. (Ben Andrews at CBC)

    🚨 Niagara Falls Accident

    •  The KISS fans who perished in a violent car explosion in Niagara Falls, NY, may have been victims of a medical or mechanical incident. The couple from Buffalo had exited a casino after their KISS tickets for Ottawa were cancelled due to the illness of Paul Stanley. Their $300,000 Bentley was seen driving at 100 mp/h before crashing and exploding at the US border control. (Victoria Bekiempis in The Guardian)  

    🚣‍♂️ Rideau Canal

    •  Parks Canada says that a new water taxi service will operate on the Rideau Canal this year. Destinations are not yet known, but will begin in May to coincide with the Tulip Festival.

      Aqua Taxi, which already runs water taxis on the Ottawa River at the Canadian Museum of History, the Ottawa Locks, and Richmond Landing plans to add the NCC Riverhouse this year. (Like the athe ottawan had idea that this service existed.)

      (Bruce Deachman in the Ottawa Citizen)

      ➕ Related The unsuccessful attempts to open the Rideau Canal for skating last year cost the National Capital Commission $1 million.


    🛻 Convoy News

    The trial of Convoy co-organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber resumes today, this time with the defence presenting its side.

    The Ottawa Citizen is live blogging the trial.



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    La boīte à bonbons is offering a 15% discount on Christmas candy treats, including the Advent calendar.

    Save 25% on Ottawa Chamberfest tickets. Use the code CHAMBERFESTWELCOME to save on single tickets to upcoming concerts.

    Maker House is offering free Ontario and Québec shipping on orders over $50, and free Canada-wide shipping on orders over $150 (before tax) until 11:59 pm tonight.

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    Ottawa Twitter user @realgulk took out his measuring tape to prove what all Sens fans know: the Canadian Tire Centre is weirdly located. He created maps of where National Hockey League teams would play if there were as far from their city hall as the Sen’s home is from ours. That’s 27 km.

    The Leafs would be in Missasauga, the Canucks at the bottom of the Pacific ocean, and the Jets in a field of canola. Tampa Bay would be in St Petersburg, but fans there might not be upset about that.



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