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If the ottawan helps you feel more connected to Ottawa, please become a supporter with a monthly donation and help us keep the capital informed about what’s going on every day.

You may have questions – here are some answers.

Who gets a t-shirt?

Anyone who makes an donation of $60 or more can have an ottawan t-shirt or one of our Historic Ottawa Logo t-shirts. After you sign-up, we'll contact you and ask which one you'd like and your shirt size.

Is this secure? 

We use Donorbox and Stripe as a payment processor, both which are very secure.

How to I cancel or modify my membership?

You just sign in and click cancel or change. Or email to us at hello@theottawan. You don't need give us a reason to make us feel better.

Can I use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal?

Yes, they are all accepted.

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