Wednesday, January 5, 2022

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Wednesday Dining Update

Your favourite restaurant is just not going to survive if you don't support them and now that indoor dining is banned for the next three weeks, they need your help right now.

This isn't our first rodeo, we all know the drill. 

  • Take away is better than delivery through apps. Delivery service apps take 25 - 30 per cent of the total revenue, so pick up your order when you can. If you can't pick up your order – use the app.
  • Outdoor dining is still permitted, so bundle up and eat locally.
  • Buy a gift certificate from your favourite restaurant. They will get the cash immediately and won't need to honour it until much later,  hopefully after indoor dining has reopened.

In other news:

▪️Maverick Donuts is yet another business that thinks that the reason that they can't get staff is because of ‘[t]he government's emergency plans that paid people to stay home.‘ The owners also own Morning Owl coffee – we did not know that.

▪️Tapri is a new Chai-tea business that sells its drink through Saturday pop-ups at 250 City Centre.

▪️Dao Bake & Sip Café is making macroons with cartoon pigs, birds, frogs and bears and a cat tirameowsu.

▪️A car crashed into Misto Fine Food Shop in Hampton Park Plaza last Monday. No one was hurt.

▪️Count on NarCity to find a place in Ottawa that you can get breakfast on a stickWaffliePops makes ... do we really need to finish this sentence? 

▪️Joe's Italian Kitchen is making the first certified Pinsa Romana in Canada. These pizza-like dishes are oval and made with a specific imported flour.

▪️The quaint village of Pakenham south of Ottawa has a new coffee shop in an 1840s building, Keepers Coffee.

We'll see you tomorrow– Martha and Darren

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Weather: ❄️ 30 per cent chance of flurries. High of 1°, low of -6°

Number: 1/3. The number of seats on City Council that are available for newcomers to run in at the next election, due to retirements, resignations, and Rick Chiarelli’s seat. [Ottawa Citizen

Ottawans of the Day:  Jesse Luketa and Luiji Vilain. The two football players have both declared for the NFL. [CTV

Quote: ‘The hardest part of flattening the curve is the first 661 days’ – The message placed by The Cheshire Cat pub on their sign. [Instagram]

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Information is as of this morning. Changes are relative to yesterday.


816,450? 11,35210,239?10
? Eligible people with one dose (5+)86.8% 
? Eligible people fully vaccinated (5+)81.0%

Ontario COVID Page    Ontario Vaccine Rates 


? Eligible people with one dose (5+)90.3%
? Eligible people fully vaccinated (5+)81.8%

Quebec COVID Page     Quebec Vaccine Rates


cases changedeaths

625 ?1

? Eligible people with one dose (5+)

895,588 (90%)
? Eligible people fully vaccinated (5+)824,575 (83%)

Ottawa Public Health     Ottawa Vaccination Rates.    Ottawa Wastewater 


10,025?645223 ?0
? Number of doses of vaccine 707,416

As of January 4, 2022 Updated Weekly

? Eligible people with one dose (12+) 88.4%
? Eligible people fully vaccinated (12+)85.8%

Outaouais Public Health    Quebec Vaccination Rates


9326?269135 ?0
? Eligible people with one dose (5+)176,867 (86.2%)
? Eligible people fully vaccinated (5+)164,584 (80.3%)
? Eligible people with booster shot50,054

Eastern Ontario Health Unit  Eastern Ontario Health Unit Vaccination Rates



⭕ Hong Kong suspends flights from Canada and seven other countries in an attenpt to wrangle its Omicron cases. [NY Times]

⭕ Ottawa has temporarily closed its recreation and cultural facilities, including recreation complexes, community centres, arenas, swimming pools, theatres, galleries and museums. This means that all scheduled events and rentals have also been cancelled. [City of Ottawa]

⭕ The Ottawa Senators game tomorrow against the Kraken has been postponed as three players test positive for COVID-19. The Senators have played only one match since December 18th. [Faces Magazine]

⭕ Fully vaccinated Quebecers who test positive for COVID-19 need only self-isolate for five days if they are not showing symptoms. This brings them in line with Ontario. Those showing symptoms must self-isolate for the full 10 days. [CBC]

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▪️Ottawa and Toronto were the only two areas in Ontario where job creation exceeded the national average. Ottawa saw 16 per cent growth in jobs, while Toronto grew 21 per cent. The Canadian average was 11.9 per cent. [BNN Bloomberg]

▪️Finally, a reasonably priced home – only $99,000. It's a so-called little home, and literally, it's a little home, with one bedroom and one bathroom in a community of little homes in Carp. [NarCity]

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