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It's our Wednesday resto round-up.

Caribbean food specialists Baccanalle are taking pre-orders for pick up at their farmers’ market stalls: Westboro from 9:30am to 3:00pm on Saturdays, and from 10:00am to 1:00pm at Parkdale on Thursdays. Customer faves like jerk chicken, vegan curry, and coconut rice will be there. If you can’t make it to the markets, these items and many more are also available for takeout and delivery. [Baccanalle]

Ottawa’s Feline Cafe has been feeling the pinch with the pandemic closure. The cafe exists to help adoptable – not to mention adorable – cats, and they’ve pivoted to create an online shop. Items range from the Chai Latte - Cafe Experience Kit, to Take and Bake Cookie Dough, containing frozen cookies that just need thawing and baking. They’ve also got pancake kits, cat supplies, brownie mixes, vegan cheeses and lots more. [Feline Cafe]

It’s definitely ice cream weather, and Holmspun has us covered. Ice cream sandwiches, ice cream donuts, ice cream cupcakes... find them all at the Holmspun ice cream bike at the Stittsville market on Thursday from 4pm til 7pm, by Big D’s on Hazeldean on Saturday from 12pm to 3pm, and in front of the Holmspun shop on Sunday from 12pm to 4pm. You’ll also find a selection of Holmspun items, including personal size servings of ice cream, at Papa Jack Popcorn’s factory shop. [Holmspun]

Speaking of Papa Jack Popcorn, visit their factory shop for huge 1kg bags of the stuff, as well as de-lish food and drink brands like The Pop Shoppe, La Binerie quiches and meat pies, Bonne Maman jams, and more. Delivery available. [Papa Jack Popcorn]

We picture ourselves lounging on a gently swinging hammock, sipping some Farmgate Cider, perhaps Wild Child, with its blend of six types of apple (to remind us of our misspent youth), or if we’re feeling more mature we could go with the McIntosh-derived Bee Squared. Either way, does anyone have a hammock we could borrow? [Farmgate Cider]

If anyone can do a virtual beer brewing collab, it’s Dominion City. The other day they used Zoom to brew up something special with Short Finger Brewing, the home brewing specialists in the Waterloo Region. The result will be available soon. [Dominion City]

The only thing that makes us want to drive in this heat wave is the knowledge that beer is waiting for us at our destination. So we’re heading to Perth to pick up some Weatherhead Brew Co Tow Path pilsner to drink in the backyard, on the hammock we mentioned earlier. [Weatherhead]

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren


Weather: 🌦️ 30% chance of showers. High of 31° Heat wave still in effect.

Number: 5. The number, give or take, reasons that this guy hates the Ottawa Senators  [Broad Street Hockey]

Ottawan of the Day: Michael Woods.Professional cyclist who broke his femur March 12 in the Paris-Nice race, he's recovered and will race again Aug. 12 in the Criterium du Dauphine.  [Toronto Star]

Quote: It’s been so hard to find main characters who look like my sons, so that’s why it was important for me to write something that represents them” – Nahomie Acelin, who has created the comic book The Battle of Ottogatz: The Super Felix Brothers featuring her three sons. The comic tackles sickle cell anemia and Black representation. in superhero stories. [Capital Current] [Amazon]


 There have been 2118 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19, with no new reports, and 263 deaths in Ottawa, no new reports – an eleven day streak.

⭕ Ontario government puts forth legislation to give itself emergency powers for a year. Currently, the Government can only take emergency actions when it declares a state of emergency. The new act would allow the State of Emergency to lapse but create a pick-and-choose mix of emergency actions. [Toronto Sun]

⭕ Service Canada offices start to reopen. Employment insurance, Canada Pension Plan, and social insurance number inquiries will be available, passports later on. [Ottawa Matters]

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▪️Despite two drownings in the past week, people are still swimming at Britannia Beach and jumping off the Prince of Wales bridge
Britannia Beach is closed for swimming, as the City is dredging the swimming area and has not posted lifeguards. The Prince of Wales bridge isn't just closed to people, it's closed to trains too and is abandoned. But people still flock to both. [CBC]

+ Related Westboro Beach is teeming with E. Coli, don't swim there says Ottawa Public Health

▪️City councillors hate all the proposals to change ward boundaries before the next election
The boundaries of each ward were set at the turn of this century but subsequently the population in some have grown - in some cases double other wards. This leave some people with half the representation of other Ottawans. But the proposals also split neighbourhoods - putting half of Kanata into Stittsville and or combining Osgoode and Cumberland into one giant rural patch.  [CBC]

▪️NCC closes Mud Lake while it relocates a black bear
Officially known as Britannia Conservation area (in the Lincoln Fields and Britannia neighbourhoods), Mud Lake will be closed today while the NCC baits a trap with molasses then moves the bear to a new location where it won't be trying to steal locals' picnic baskets. [Facebook]

▪️Town of Russell, next door to Ottawa, approves renaming itself to itself
The town is named after an 18th century Upper Canada functionary who was an avid advocate for enslaving people. The town council has voted to replace its namesake with another Russell, whether it is first, middle, or last name. [CBC]

▪️Ottawa Comicon is the latest event to postpone until 2021
Ticket holders can find information here. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Dog fights were alledgedly held in the Meadowlands Shopping Centre parking lot
Dog fights now? We're all cracking under the pressure. Ottawa Police and ByLaw officers are looking into it [Ottawa Citizen]


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