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It’s Wednesday, October 12, 2022 and we're haunting the 2022 Spooky Ottawa Hallowe’en Map.

IT’S DAY TEN OF VOTING. Vote for the best in Shops & Restaurants, Culture, Media, People and Place. 

Voting ends 11:59pm tomorrow. Don't let the wrong restaurant win!

Craft Beer News

It’s been a while since we did a proper update about Ottawa and Gatineua’s incredible local craft beer scene. New readers may not know that we introduced ourselves to Ottawa way back in April 2020 with a little something that Darren created, The Last Ottawa Gatineau Craft Brewery Map You Will Ever Need. We’ve recently updated the map but if you notice any omissions please get in touch 

▪️Spark Beer is getting in the spooky season spirit with Sparkoween, a scary party on Saturday October 29 with costumes, music, and prizes. That’s all they’re telling us now, so stay tuned for more info. Meanwhile, stay cozy and try their Super Dry IPA (6.5% abv), a hoppy beer with candied orange, watermelon, and stone fruit notes. $6.50 / 500ml bottle.

▪️Broadhead Brewery’s Wet Hop Harvest Ale 2022 is a collab with Battle House Hops near Almonte. The 6.5% abv beer is a deep reddish amber, and offers floral, fruity, pine, and toffee aromas. $4.35 / 473ml. 

▪️Broadhead has also released the 2022 version of its popular seasonal Rye And Ginger Ale, which uses 40% rye malt and lots of fresh ginger to create a touch of spice. 5.1%, $4.10 per 473ml. 

▪️We’re loving the alchemy of Small Pony Barrel Works’ Smüv Pumpkin (5%), which combines the flavours of pumpkin with mango, vanilla, and sugar, to create a red sour with a pumpkin pie vibe. $7.49 per can. 

▪️Don’t let Wood Brothers Brewing’s Winking Bungalow and Humble Frost fool you with their adorable names. These are seriously complex, perfect-for-fall-sipping IPAs. Both are available at the brewery this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 2980 Wylie Road in Glen Robertson, ON. 

▪️Thanksgiving may be over but Perth Brewery is keeping the festive flavours alive with Crandemonium Cranberry Radler (3% abv). $20.40 for a six pack.

▪️Orléans Brewing Co turned five recently, and they celebrated by releasing the BHD Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout. Designed to be consumed now or in a few years, this beer has aged for 11 months. It’s a serious 10.1% abv and rings in at $18 per 650ml bottle. 

▪️Overflow’s award winning Final Bow Porter pairs well with a book, a blanket, and a seat by the fire. The brewery says it has cocoa, roasted coffee, roasted nuts, and molasses fragrance notes. 5% abv. 

Not Beer

▪️The Ottawa Citizen says that Gatineau’s Djakarta Taste is a regular haunt for diplomats from the Indonesian embassy


The Province of Canada’s 2022 Holidays Candle isn’t food, but it does purport to smell like pine and baking. $42. Made in Canada, naturally. 

Coming up

Trick or Treat with the Mayor is back, scheduled for Saturday October 29 from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at Ottawa City Hall. Entrance is by donation of a non-perishable item, to support the Ottawa Food Bank’s Baby Basics Program. Baby formula, baby food, and diapers are most needed. 

Deals of the day

▪️Uppliva Sauna & + Steam will be raising its prices November 1. Their Fall Sauna + Steam Circuit Sale offers three passes for $165, or $55 per visit. You can use them yourself, or share with a friend. 6 and 12 pass packages are also available. 

▪️Enjoy 25% off site wide during Muttonhead’s Fall Customer Appreciation Event, using the code CA25.

We'll see you tomorrow  – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ?️ 40 per cent chance of showers. High of 18°, low of 13°.   

Number: 65. The number of witnesses who have been invited to testify in front of the Public Order Emergency Commission hearings on the invocation of the Emergency Act. Included are Mayor Jim Watson, several councillors, various police officers, and some of the Convoy organizers. The public hearings begin tomorrow 9:30 at 395 Wellington. They will also be streamed on the Commission website. [CBC]

Ottawans of the Day: Doreen and Charlotte Stevens. The mother-daughter team organized a mural at New Edinburgh Park honouring Ottawa-area Indigenous communities. ‘Miskwi’ commemorates various aspects of Indigenous life. [Capital Current]

Quote: ‘These are early hours in a very significant crisis’ – Peter John Hobbs, director general of community ministries with the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, on the fire that damaged St. Luke's in Chinatown. The building played host to between 80 and 120 breakfasts and lunches five days a week for those in need. [CBC] [Donations]

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?️ The Civic Election

▪️How many terms would each mayoral candidate serve if elected? Catherine McKenney: 2, Mark Sutcliffe: 2,  Bob Chiarelli: 1 (but that would be his third overall). Mayor Jim Watson has served three terms in a row, plus one more back in the 90s.

▪️Some voters think that mayor candidate Mark Sutcliffe is getting an unfair advantage from Elections Ottawa. Elections Ottawa has been promoting voting day on social media using the the phrase and hashtag ‘Make your mark’, suggesting putting an ‘x’ on the ballot. There is only one Mark running for mayor.

The Rest

▪️The Ottawa Police Board intends to hire a new police chief before the new council is sworn in, November 14. Four members of the seven person board are appointed by City Council – three Council members plus one citizen. The others are appointed by the Province. Several candidates have argued that the decision should be wait until the new Council is seated. [CBC

▪️Chelsea is under a boil water advisory. The town advises everyone there boil water for at least a minute before using it. [CBC

▪️Apartment 613 is compiling the definitive list of cultural spaces and producers in OttawaIf you create art or run a space – or know someone who does – fill out their form. The final list will be shared with the City of Ottawa’s Cultural Spaces Inventory Project. [Google Form]

▪️The Ottawa Police Officer who pulled private files looking for a link between child deaths and parental vaccination will be coming off suspension. The officer was suspended after being accused of committing discreditable conduct for investigating nine deaths, an investigation for which she was not responsible. Her lawyer says that she is coming back, the Service says this has not yet been decided. [Ottawa Citizen

▪️The post office in Braeside, two towns to the west of Ottawa, is closing because no one wants to be postmaster. Canada Post has set a deadline of October 17 and is not willing to extend it. Braeside has 400 post boxes which will be replaced by community boxes. Large packages will need to be picked up in Arnprior, one town west of Ottawa. The Braeside Post Office has been in operation since 1872. [CTV]

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