Issue 568 Volume 3 Number 65

The Ottawan



It’s Monday, July 11, 2022 and your ottawan correspondents are on day seven of a cross country drive. 

Yes, sorry, we did say that we would be done with the mini-newsletters by today. But today really is the final on-the-road effort.

Today’s newsletter is from Revelstoke, BC, a half hour's drive to Craigellachie, where the last spike was driven on the Canadian Pacific railway line in 1885

Today's local brew is Powerhouse Pale Ale from Mount Begbie Brewing in Revelstoke. 

We‘ll be back to normal tomorrow. Really. – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ⛅ 30 per cent chance of showers. High of 27°, low of 19°. 

Number: $1,000. The fine bagpiper Nico Gravel received from Ottawa Bylaw for playing on Booth Street. [Ottawa Citizen]

Ottawan of the Day (Honorary): Masai Ujiri. The Toronto Raptors president has brought the art installation ‘Humanity’ to  Major's Hill Park. [CTV]

Quote: ‘It was faster to take the train from Toronto than to get home from Tremblay train station’ – Michael Lifshitz, who waited more than seven hours to get home after wheelchair accessible buses and taxis were continually unavailable. [CTV]

SportsCFL Ottawa RedBlacks 13 – Saskatchewan Roughriders 28, last Friday CPL Atlético Ottawa 1 – Cavalry FC 1, last Saturday CEBL Ottawa BlackJacks 100 – Fraser Valley Bandits 79, last Friday AUDL Ottawa Outlaws 23 – Montréal Royal 20, last Thursday Frontier League Ottawa Titans – Empire State Greys, 5 - 6 last Friday, 7 – 4, last Saturday, 2 - 1, yesterday 

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▪️The gunman who crashed the RIdeau Hall gates in an attempt to arrest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is being sued for the repairs. The National Capital Commission wants $350,000 to pay for fixing the gates in the 2021 incident plus $100,000 in punative damages. Corey Hurren is serving six years in prison after bringing loaded firearms onto the property in protest of the banning of assualt rifles. [CBC]

▪️Planning committee blocks demolition of affordable apartments which were to be replaced with a parking lot for a 27 storey highrise. But only temporarily – the committee approved the building of the highrise but put off approving its parking lot until August, presumably in the hopes that people will forget about it. [CBC

▪️Canadian Forces Intelligence Command have been actively trying to avoid posting junior staff to Ottawa because it’s too expensive here. In a town hall video, a member asked leadership if they were asking for another Jeffrey Delisle incident, referring to the navy officer who sold secrets to the Russians for money. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Ottawa house sales dropped 29 per cent in June over last year. Settle down – that's number of sales, not prices. House prices actually went up six per cent over last June. [CTV]


Convoy Part II

Trucker Siege co-organizer Tamara Lich has had her bail revoked. At Friday's hearing, the judge said ‘"Ms. Lich is not prepared to follow court orders and is prepared to do whatever she feels like doing’. Lich, who is barred from associating with another Siege co-organizers, argued through her lawyers that the bail conditions did not include posing for pictures – which she did – and that it was okay because her lawyers were also present.

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