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The City is being stubborn about opening up streets to allow cooped-up residents some elbow room but that didn’t stop the independent National Capital Commission.

The NCC‌ closed the Queen Elizabeth Driveway to traffic and opened it to social distancing pedestrians and cyclists — and the people came.

We agree with Ottawa Public Health that staying apart is the best thing to do to fight the spread of COVID-19 but people working out or playing alone, throwing balls to their dogs, or sunbathing are not breaking the spirit of social distancing.

And we’re not alone in this thought: the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has received over 100 complaints of wrongful recreation ticketing. Ottawa bylaw officers have issued over 2,500 tickets over improper recreation.

Roger Chapman, the city's director of bylaw and regulatory services said that since the tickets are actually provincial offences, they can be appealed.

"Anybody who's been given a ticket to this point, there's still the ability to to appeal those charges," Chapman told the CBC. "And eventually, when the courts open up, then the trials will be set at a later date."

To launch and appeal, fill out the back of the ticket and send it to the provincial court offices or declare your intention online to fight the charge.

Appealing a ticket means fines won't be due right now, and all normal timelines for appeal purposes have been extended.

We’ll see you tomorrow — Martha and Darren



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Number: 30. Number of years the City is trying to extend the Trail Road landfill, which is running out of space [Capital Current]

Ottawan of the Day: Jamie Ghossein, a student at the University of Ottawa, who has cofounded Front Line Feeds, to bring food to front line workers. [Ottawa Citizen] [FrontLineFeeds]

Quote: “I know the city is starting to come around ... they should have moved quicker. They still need to do more, but it's certainly a start.” – Robin Edger, executive director of Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, who is happy the NCC has opened the Queen Elizabeth Driveway to pedestrians and wants the City to follow with more streets [CBC]


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There have been 803 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19 in Ottawa and 23 deaths.

Kanata McDonald’s worker tests positive for COVID-19 [CFRA]

New COVID‌ outbreak at University of Ottawa Heart Institute [Ottawa Matters]

Sex workers not eligible for CERB but have no income [Ottawa Matters]

Ottawa Board of Health holds public meeting today at 5pm. [City of Ottawa] You can watch it live on YouTube.

With everything closed, long-haul truckers are still having a hard time finding washrooms and food [CBC]


What are you cooking?
As we enter another week of lockdown, we want to know what you're cooking. Share your fave recipe below. 

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Canada/US‌ border restrictions extended for another 30 days
U.S. President Donald Trump said it would be one of the first things to reopen, but no [CBC]

Iron Bridge to Smallpox Island still exists
If you were about to go outside and explore, you could the old bridge that led to Porters Island in the Rideau River, where Ottawa consigned those with smallpox during the 1893 outbreak [Ottawa Rewind]

Ottawa Sports &‌ Entertainment Group (RedBlacks, Fury) will not be taking over Landsdowne Park
Seeing the opposition roused, OSEG‌ withdrew their proposal and the City will continue to run it [Mainstreeter]

Shopify hitting Black Friday traffic every day
The Ottawa company is benefiting from all shops going online [Twitter]


🎭1pm Siobhan Richardson presents Faking It, a workshop deconstructing illusions around sex and violence on the screen and stage, giving us a glimpse into the technical aspects of the job of the performer [NAC]

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