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Look at these two pictures:

Shawn Mendes, superstar pop singer from Pickering

Shawn Menard, Ottawa City Councillor for Capital Ward

If you can tell the difference between these two people, you are waaaay ahead of Darren. In yesterday’s ottawan, Darren wrote about Menard’s public Zoom meeting this evening to discuss the City staff’s recommendation of a bailout to the operators of Lansdowne. But Darren didn't write Shawn Menard, he wrote Shawn Mendes. 

the ottawan would like to correct the error and clarify that the sweetheart of Pickering will not be on Zoom this evening discussing private-public partnerships, you will have to settle instead for the sweetheart of Capital Ward.

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren


Weather: ☀️ Sunny. High of 23°  

Number:  $37.9 billion. The increase in the gross domestic product of the Ottawa-Gatineau region, if Canada increases its immigration quotas, according to the Conference Board of Canada. [Canadian Immigration News]

Ottawan of the Day: Emma Theriault, who has written a Disney-authorized sequel to Beauty and the Beast entitled The Queen’s Council: Rebel Rose. [The Fulcrum]

Quote: “They're creating these little communities for themselves, where they would never have considered that because of the commute and they didn't want to live rurally – Ottawa Real Estate Board president Deborah Burgoyne on young couples moving to rural areas because their friends have moved there [Ottawa Matters


Public Health Reports: 


Ottawa Public Health dashboard

Ottawa Wastewater Dashboard

There have been 7586 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19, an increase of 77 since yesterday, and 346 deaths, four new reports.


Outaouais Public Health dashboard

There have been 2802 confirmed cases of COVID-19, an increase of 31 since yesterday, and 57 deaths, one new report.


Eastern Ontario Public Health dashboard

There have been 713 confirmed cases of COVID-19, an increase of 37 since yesterday, and 28 deaths, two new reports. 

⭕ With 1,388 news cases of COVID-19, yesterday was a record high in Ontario [CBC]

⭕ Experts warily optimistic on new COVID-19 vaccine. The test group was small, so there may be different results in the larger test roll-out. Also, the vaccine must be kept at -70° which could hinder distribution. [CBC]

⭕ Whales and seals are theoretically able to contract COVID-19 through wastewater, scientists learn. [Ottawa Matters]

 🍁 The Canada COVID Alert App

Be alerted if you have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The app now works in Quebec as well as Ontario.

📲 How It Works       [Apple App Store]      [Google Play Store]

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▪️Majority of speakers at last night’s Police Board finance meeting spoke against the $13.2 million increase to the Ottawa Police Services budget. The 4.5 per cent increase will be debated at the November 23 police board meeting and, if approved, go to the full council for approval. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️The Whole Foods employee who blew the whistle on the company's poppy ban worked at the Lansdowne Park store. The employee told the CBC that the company banned it because it would be seen as 'supporting a cause.' [CBC]

▪️Three dozen bikes were found at a Catherine Street address. The landlord had given 'agent' status to the Ottawa Police to inspect the property, after which police seized the bikes because no one on the property fessed up to owning them. If you have had a bike stolen, ask about it here. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Shopify stocks dropped 14 per cent on news of a potential COVID-19 virus vaccine. The local mom and pop business was one of a number of companies on the stock market whose business had soared because of the need to work from home.  [Ottawa Business Journal]

▪️Porter Airlines delaying service until February. The mini airline had shut down to COVID-19 but had intended to resume for Christmas flights. [CBC]



For those looking to spend a lot on Christmas, the following gifts will keep on giving for years to come. 

▫️ Oven Brothers' outdoor backyard wood fired cookers take your pizzas, bread, and desserts to the next level. They’re a “flat-packed, easy shipping, no tool assembly outdoor wood fired oven” and they’re made in Ottawa. From $2,499 for “The Original Bro” oven.

▫️ Riverwood Acoustics makes its speakers from dense timber that has lain at the bottom of the Ottawa River for more than a century (the logs were too dense to complete the journey to the sawmills during the lumber era). Conditions on the river bottom preserved the wood so well that once it’s brought to the surface and kiln-dried, it can be crafted into acoustic speakers of “unparalleled sound quality.” $799.99 for The Hudson, a premium wood bluetooth speaker BUT use code 'Ottawa' and they'll knock $100 off. *️⃣

▫️ Foris Workshop on Gladstone constructs stylish furniture that’s built to last, in their Ottawa workshop. Choose from ready to buy designs or you can commission something custom. We love the mid-century vibe of the “Metcalfe” lounge chair, from $1900.

▫️ Na Coille Studio makes furniture from old growth reclaimed and salvaged wood from the Ottawa Valley. They use this wood because of its sustainability and its deep coloured grain and patina. This is heirloom quality furniture for commercial and residential projects. Check out their walnut home collection of side tables, coffee tables, nightstands, and more. 

▫️ Not only a retail source for Canadian-made goods from across the country, Maker House (winner of the ottawan Best of Ottawa Awards in the "Best Furniture Store/Decor Store" category) sells own-brand furniture made in collaboration with GROW Studios. Their “Mechanicsville” dining table is big enough for families, and it comes in a range of stains. $1,599

▫️ Your favourite aunt left you her upholstered armchair, which although structurally sound has deflated with age. Instead of taking it to the dump, have it reupholstered. Updated Furniture has a range of fabrics to choose from, or you can bring in your own. Then, give it to your favourite person for Christmas, which just might be yourself. 


*️⃣ Items marked with this symbol mean that we get an affiliate fee. All companies mentioned by the ottawan in our gift guides are chosen by our editorial staff – no one can buy their way in. After we have made our choices, we may see if there are affiliate links available, but the availability of affiliate deals do not change our editorial stance.


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