Time to move your car again, folks.

Due to the 20 cm of snow expected overnight, parking on City streets is banned from 10 am Thursday morning until 7 pm to give the snow plows room to work. 

Some OC Transpo park-and-rides, some City parkades, and some recreation centres are available for off-street parking if you don't have anywhere else. As always, the City starts ticketing right at 7 pm.

– Martha and Darren



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The Ottawa Journal began in 1885, edited by the legendary William Dafoe, later of the Winnipeg Free Press. It was closed in 1980.

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    • 60
    • – Where Ottawa lies on a list of the sixty most overrated cities in the world, with the Canada Science and Technology Museum being the most disappointing attraction. 
    • Toronto is the most disappointing city in Canada according to the same survey, at 36th place in the world. People were disappointed in their zoo.
    • The number one most overrated city in the world is Bangkok, which doesn't seem right and, frankly, makes us question the rigorousness of the statistical methodology used by King Casino Bonus. (CTV)

    Ottawan of the Day

    • Heather Scoffield 
    • The Toronto Star’s Ottawa bureau chief is leaving the paper after a dozen years on the Hill. She will become the senior vice-president of strategy at the Business Council of Canada. (Heather Scoffield at the Toronto Star)


    • We're not two months out of the LRT inquiry, and we're about to embark on the next phase of a significant investment in our transit technology 
    • – Barrhaven West ward councillor David Hill, referring to the bit in the Provincial LRT Inquiry report on how council should ‘exercise meaningful oversight of critical decisions made by city staff’. City Staff had recommended going ahead and buying 350 new electric buses but council instead put the proposal to the Transit Commission, where the public and experts could comment first. (Kate Porter at the CBC)


    👀 Eye yi yi

    • The Ottawa Hospital will be working with two private eye clinics as part of the Province’s blitz to get a backlog of cataract surgeries done in the City. The partnerships are with Focus Eye Centre and the Herzig Eye Institute. Cataract patients will be registered with the hospital and the two clinic’s surgeons will also work there. The Province pays private clinics $605 for each surgery but only $455 to hospitals. (Elizabeth Payne at the Ottawa Citizen)

    🤑 In Lieu Of

    • The City of Ottawa is suing the Federal government and Canada Post for $22 million. Federal institutions don't pay property tax but instead transfer over an amount of money of equal value. The Province gave businesses a reduction in property taxes last year for COVID-19 relief but the City argues that the Federal government is not a business and thus should not have given itself a discount. (Cindy Tran at the Canadian Press)

    🛻 Convoy

    • Former MPP Randy Hillier wants his trial to happen somewhere else other than Ottawa. Hillier is facing nine Convoy-related charges including asking his followers to flood the police non-emergency line and assault of an officer. Hiller’s lawyer says that an Ottawa court room would not have a ‘unpolluted’ jury. (Gary Dimmock in the Ottawa Citizen)

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    • If you attended Parkdale Market, Parkdale Night Market, WelliWednesday concerts in the Park, or Yoga in the Park in 2022, Friends of Parkdale Market wants to hear from you. They’re asking attendees to complete a survey that will assist in the organization of events in Summer 2023. The survey will be available until February 11. 
    • WorkSpace Safety 201 Workshop. This course is a prerequisite to using the router, joiner, and table saw at the OTL WorkSpace. 6:00p to 9:00pm




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    This is more of a PSA than a deal, but Province of Canada has produced actual wool sweaters (we’re not talking sweatshirts here) that are chunky and gorgeous. Martha doesn’t currently have the dosh for such a purchase (the sweaters cost $524 but they’re hand knit in Canada and worth every penny) so Darren, this is a massive hint to start saving for next Christmas now. They’ve also made wool toques.


    The New York Times has discovered the Diefenbunker: ‘The Diefenbunker history is not just of global tension but also of Canada’s parsimonious approach to civil defense, optimistic thinking about the apocalypse and Canadians’ antipathy toward anything they perceive as a special deal for their political leaders.’ Of course, you could always just go to Carp and see it for yourself.

    We will see you tomorrow  – Martha and Darren

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