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It’s Wednesday, September 14, 2022 and we are appreciating the spot-on big house choices made for the first film festival held at the decommissioned Kingston Penitentiary: The Blues Brothers, O Brother, Where art thou?The Green Mile, and The Shawshank Redemption. The films begin September 30.


Food + Drink Update

▪️Happy Canadian Organic Week 2022. Hit the Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market this Saturday from 10:00am to 2:00pm for local organic produce and baking. Riverside United Church, 3191 Riverside Drive. 

▪️3 Tarts has a new Fall line up of desserts that range from the homey (Pumpkin Decorated decorated Shortbread Cookies, four for $16) to the glamorous (Caramelized Ginger-Spiced Palmiers, $12 for 6). They’ve also got an outrageously good looking menu of seasonal pies. 

▪️HARVEST – A Feast of Fall brings tighter award-winning chefs and foodies for a Farm to Table event that celebrates the best food and drink of the season. Presented by Ottawa Community Food Partnership, the event takes place in a marquee, so bring a sweater to keep you warm as you wander the food and drink stations. Tickets start at $101.80. 

▪️Visit Pelican Seafood Market and Grill tomorrow where they’re rolling out their own PEI Shellfish Festival. They’ve got a month of activities, specials, cooking classes, food demos and even a Shuck-A-Thon to celebrate PEI’s shellfish including oysters, mussels, and lobster.

▪️Nita’s 5 Fingers Brown Ale returns this Friday, September 16. Buy it in 473ml cans and kegs. 

▪️You may have noticed that most media generally only has good reviews of restaurants. The usual reason for that is there is only limited amount of people’s mindspace – we should highlight the good stuff, the misses don't need the limelight. Peter Hum at the Citizen apparently didn't get the memo in his review of Lavender Grill.

▪️Eat North discovers the favourite Ottawa dining haunts of Canada’s Drag Race contestant Kimmy CoutureCoras for breakfast, Wolf Downfor lunch, any Korean BBQ for dinner, and Starbucks for drinks.   

▪️Toronto has received its first ever entries in the Michelin guide. Sure, Toronto is the Wullerton to Ottawa’s Dog River and we generally ignore them but this is something of note. The Michelin guide is world renowned for its Michelin stars – and Canada has never been included before. Destination Toronto, Destination Ontario, and Destination Canada somehow convinced Michelin to start reviewing our chow houses in a ‘marketing partnership’ but without disclosing how much money may have traded hands. (The tourist agency for Seoul pays $2 million to Michelin every four years) Sushi Masaki Saito received two stars, 12 others received one star. The Sushi Masaki Saito website is down at the moment due to the crushing traffic – a sign that the international popularity of the Canadian culinary scene is about to explode.

Guess who’s coming to (Thanksgiving) dinner?

▪️Red Apron spreads the celebration across the weekend with a Friday Feast for up to six people ($95.95, order pumpkin pie separately), Half a turkey with trimmings on Saturday that will serve up to eight ($159.95, pie sold separately), or a Turkey Dinner for Two available on Friday or Saturday (personal pumpkin pie included) for $42.

▪️The Piggy Market’s got re-heatable or cook your own turkey, ham, and Porchetta roasts, pumpkin and cherry pies, loaded charcuterie boards, and trimmings. Order now for pick up on Thanksgiving weekend. 400 Winston Ave. 

▪️C’est Tout Bakery’s Thanksgiving Menu boosts the traditional dinner ($28 per person) with extras like caramelized onion and rosemary topped focaccia and pumpkin cinnamon buns. 

Cut Ups

▪️University of Ottawa – Makerspace is presenting a Laser Cutting Workshop, introducing participants to using lasers for design. Free. 150 Louis-Pasteur Pvt, STM 121. 

▪️Ottawa City Workshop courses for October are now open. You know the drill; they sell out fast. Courses take place at 250 City Centre, #234.

Deal of the Day

▪️Buy one bra, and receive the second bra at 20% off at Fortnight Lingerie. This is a 24 hour sale, so act quickly.

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ?️ 30 per cent chance of showers. High of 21°, low of 6°.   

Number: 3,000. The number of new healthcare workers required in Ottawa just to maintain current levels, according to the the Canadian Union of Public Employees, CUPE Local 503. [CTV]

Ottawan of the Day: James Duthie. The journalist, author, charity ambassador, and award-winning sports broadcaster will receive the Key to the City from Mayor Jim Watson in a ceremony tomorrow. [CityNews] [Watch live at 7pm]

Quote: ‘Get the heavy trucks off Bridge Street’ – the chant of approximately 100 senior citizens as they protested at two intersections in downtown Manotick yesterday. Over 800 trucks daily use the street as a shortcut between Highway 417 and Highway 416. [Ottawa Citizen]

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Monarchy News

▪️Unless you are a Federal worker, Monday will be a ‘Day of Mourning’ but you still need to go to work. The Provincial government has decided against making it a public holiday, unlike BC, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

?️ The Civic Election

▪️Mayoral candidate Bob Chiarelli says he would cancel all new road construction if elected. The money saved would be redirected into fixing existing roads. Chiarelli says that contracts already signed would still be honoured. Examples of projects that would get the hook are the twinning of Airport Parkway and the Alta Vista Parkway.

▪️Mayoral candidate Mark Sutcliffe says criticism of his $1,200 per plate fundraising dinner is unfair. Horizon Ottawa pointed out a 2016 article by Sutcliffe where the candidate criticized the provincial Liberals for paid fundraisers, saying it granted businesses access to decision makers. Sutcliffe says this is different: that was provincial, his is municipal, also businesses can no longer donate to campaigns, only individuals.

▪️Judy Trinh writes in Ottawa magazine how the new council can help rebuild trust in the Ottawa Police Service.

The Rest

▪️The Ottawa Citizen has hired a new city columnist. After the retirement of longtime columnist Kelly Egan, many wondered if the daily was still interested in writing about those things in the city that aren't breaking news. Turns out it is, and it has brought back former Citizen journalist Bruce Deachman to write them. [Deachman’s first column]

▪️The City is hiring a private contractor to track coyotes around RIverside Park. A brazen coyote has killed at least one dog and one cat but the Police and City have said there is nothing that they can do. The contractor will make recommendations on what they can do. [CTV]

+ Related Ottawa Police did go to Bell’s Corners after a bear was sighted yesterday. Upon arrival, the police found that the suspect had fled the scene.

▪️Only 25% of daycares in Ottawa have signed up to the $10 per day scheme. The new Federal-and-Provincial daycare programme is stepped, with parents paying 25% less this year, 50% less next year, and finally $10 per day in 2025. Unless enough daycares participate, some parents may be out of luck. [CTV

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