Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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Scarlet Drops Update

Last Tuesday, we wrote about Ottawa's Scarlet Drops, a new-wave band from the 80s and 90s that was getting a new release on a cult US record label.

The Drop's drummer Reg Allen writes in to us with the picture above of the band playing at Irene's Pub in 1989. Check out the ashtrays on the tables.

Deb Allen and Dan Allen are no longer in the music industry, but Reg is playing bass in the legendary Ottawa band, Good2Go. (Who could forget their 2009 video, O-Train. This may be the only O-Train that works.)

Good2Go will be playing their first post-COVID gig at Irene's on Friday, Oct 29.

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ?️ Mix of sun and cloud. High of 24°, low of 14°

Number:  1.5 per cent. The difference in joblessness rates between Gatineau and Ottawa. Gatineau has fallen to 4.4 per cent from 4.8 per cent last year. Ottawa has risen to 5.9 per cent from 4.2 per cent from the same time last year. [Ottawa Citizen] [The List]

Ottawan of the Day:  Gabrielle D’Emilio-Lappa. The Mannotick resident had written a new book, 1 Sussex Drive, of anecdotes and history of Rideau Hall, where D’Emilio-Lappa worked for 36 years. [Mannotick Messenger] [Buy Online]

Quote: ‘This should not have happened, and we are sorry that it did — this isn't who we are – The University of Ottawa Students’ Union in a statement posted to Twitter, regarding the damage after the Panda match last week. [Ottawa Citizen

Sports: CFL Ottawa Redblacks 16 – Montréal Alouettes 20, yesterday; CPL York United 1 – Atlético Ottawa 1, last Friday

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Data is from this morning, comparisons are with Friday


592,714? 20379,792 ? 6
? Eligible people with one dose87% 
? Eligible people with second dose82.3%

Ontario COVID Page    Ontario Vaccine Rates 


414,573?64311,410 ? 5
? Eligible people with one dose89.6%
? Eligible people with second dose85.1%

Quebec COVID Page     Quebec Vaccine Rates


cases changedeaths

598 ?0

? Eligible people with one dose

821,004 (89%)
? Eligible people with second dose776,115 (84%)

Ottawa Public Health     Ottawa Vaccination Rates.    Ottawa Wastewater 


13,926?25222 ?0
? Number of doses of vaccine 591,774

As of October 3, 2021 Updated Weekly

? Eligible people with one dose 85.9%
? Eligible people with second dose81.7%

Outaouais Public Health    Quebec Vaccination Rates


5533?33115 ?0
? Eligible people with one dose163,411 (89.3%)
? Eligible people with second dose153,335 (83.8%)

Eastern Ontario Health Unit  Eastern Ontario Health Unit Vaccination Rates



⭕ St. Benedict Elementary School in Half Moon Bay has the worst school outbreak of COVID-19 with 37 students testing positive. [Barrhaven Independent]

⭕ Ottawa Valley feed stores are limiting ivermectin, a medicine to treat parasites in horses, to regular customers only as people who falsely believe that it can treat COVID-19 are taking it all, leaving none for the animals.  [Ottawa Citizen]

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▪️After one year, 45 per cent of opioid users in Ottawa programme stopped taking the drug. The Managed Opioid Program run by Ottawa Inner City Health has been providing pharmaceutical quality opioids and a place to live to 26 participants. After one year, three quarters remained in the programme and nearly half had quit using the drug. A majority had also reconnected with family and a third had started a job or school. [CBC] [Study]

▪️The Algonquins of Ontario own less than one-third of the Tewin land, the rest is owned by the Taggart family. When the City permitted the controversial new subdivision to be built in a remote, unserviced area of Ottawa, Mayor Jim Watson said it was an act of reconciliation to Indigenous people. However, the majority of the land is owned by the developers, Taggart, not the Algonquins of Ontario. [CBC]

▪️Eighteen residents were evacuated from their apartment building due to structual. The two low-rise buildings in Gatineau’s Mont Bleu neighbourhood were seen to have weaking structures in the cladding and the masonry. Residents cannot return until an engineer clears it. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️People who live near the Ottawa Airport will not have 5G service on their mobile phones. The Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development has told the telecom companies that they will not be permitted to add 5G service near airports as it may cause interference with navigation frequencies. 5G cell service is expected to provide near broadband quality speed for Internet service on phones.  [Toronto Star] [Maps showing where 5G will be excluded]

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