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Another two weeks of lockdown. It doesn’t have to mean two more weeks of staring at a blank wall. Maybe it’s time to put something on that wall. You could support the Canadian art scene by buying some art, or indulge your creative side with an art class, or you could shop (virtually) for cool antique art and signage to adorn that wall. Love your wall. 

▪️ Until May 17th, the entire collection by Montréal artist Sophia Paleotheodoros is available for 15% off at Koyman Galleries. It’s the perfect time to shop for focal piece by a respected Canadian artist. Even better, shipping is free, also until May 17th.

▪️ The Hintonburg Public House’s Crowdfunding Project aims to raise $20,000 to help the local watering hole through some very challenging pandemic times. Rewards include lots of cool stuff, perhaps the coolest being the art class donated by Ottawa’s own Daniel Martelock. Available to those who donate $75 or over, the class is an all-ages step-by-step event for a small group. The artist will show participants how to paint an image and how to add their own touches. 

▪️ To add a vintage vibe to your living quarters, shop online with Ottawa and the valley’s many antique and thrift stores for old time-y advertising signage. Check out the “Authorized Studebaker Service” sign ($100) at Arnprior’s Antiques, Treasures and Treats (curb side pick up available).

▪️ Also in Arnprior, the Vintage Crate has a large selection of groovy items for display, like the c. 1940 purple Admiral AM Radio for $245. 

▪️ Refresh a basket wall with an entirely new set from The Plaid Jacket ($28).

▪️ There is a lot of art open for bidding at the Maclean and Associates on May 18th. This could be your opportunity to snag an absolute bargain on prints, but you’ll also find clocks, mirrors, Wedgwood plates, photo frames, and even vintage mens’ magazines to adorn your walls. 

We'll see you Monday – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ☀️ Sunny. High of 24°, low of 9°

Number: 2,086. The number of vehicles crossing over from Gatineau that Ottawa Police have turned back, deeming their trips ‘inessential‘. [CTV]

Ottawan of the Day: Annette O’Connor. The nursing professor has been inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame for her work in getting patients involved in their own treatment. [Ottawa Citizen]

Quote: If they think I’m too old, they won’t vote for me’ – Former mayor Bob Chiarelli after being asked if, at 81 next year, he would be too old to run again.  [Ottawa Citizen]



? 6,629,363 doses have been administered in Ontario

At this rate, it will take 9.1 weeks to give each Ontarian one dose each

Info from Vaccination tracker by Andrew Lam (@socialvizcanada)

Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines delivery tracker
Federal Goverment database listing predicted future deliveries

? Public Health Reports:


? 25,732 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19

? 104 new cases since yesterday

♦️533 deaths, six new reports

? 411,606 vaccinated with one dose

? 30,873 vaccinated with two doses

No change since yesterday


? 11,771 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19

? 28 new cases since yesterday

♦️207 deaths, no new reports

? 194,136 doses of vaccine have been administered

No change since yesterday


? 4,622 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19

? 19 new cases since yesterday

♦️103 deaths, no new reports

? 79,782 doses of vaccine have been administered


⭕ Some fascinating maps on how COVID-19 spreads on Canadian domestic flights. [Maclean's]

⭕ There have been 28 cases of blood clots in Canada, after the distribution of 2.3 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. [CBC]

 ? The Canada COVID Alert App

Be alerted if you have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

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▪️ The owner of the Ottawa Senators chartered a $500,000-a-week superyacht in the Bahamas to spend the Christmas holiday with friends and family. And he says he had a terrible experience so Eugene Melnyk is suing the superyacht management company for $10 million. Melnyk also says that he did not contravene any Canadian COVID regulations as he is actually a resident of the Barbados. The superyacht company advertises M/Y Dream as having ‘a Zen interior of sophistication and comfortable elegance.’  [Ottawa Citizen] [Rent it yourself]

▪️ E-scooter renters must promise to not ride on sidewalks before the app will unlockThe City has increased the available number of e-scooters to 600 this year, to be provided by Bird Canada, Lime and Neuron. They should be available very soon. (New readers: the ottawan is very pro-scooter; Old readers: please don't unsubscribe.) [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️ The City’s planning committee approved the controversial trio of tall towers in StittsvilleThe development of two nine-storey and one 18-storey towers is controversial as the area does not have good transportation links nor is the City requiring the development to have retail on the ground floor, creating more urban sprawl and increased car usage. [CBC

▪️ Mayor fears that Pontiac may lose bilingual status if proposed new Quebec language law passes. The new law is intended to increase the primacy of French in Quebec. A clause states that any municipality whose population is has fewer than half Anglophone will lose the ability to send out notices and provide services in both English and French. Pontiac is 42% Anglophone. [CBC

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