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Today is the first Canada Take Out Day, to support food service workers and the restaurants that employ them. The plan is to make every Wednesday Canada Take Out Day.

The restaurant industry has lost over 800,000 jobs in Canada, according to the restaurant lobby group and even when things go back to normal, there is a good chance many of those jobs won’t be coming back.

So if you feel like dining out, at home, you can use the Canada Takeout Restaurant Finder, you can also use Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes, or Door Dash. But remember, it’s also best to get your restaurant food direct - the above delivery services charge the business about 30 per of the item’s price.

Local Eats Ottawa, Apartment 13, Together Apart and also are good resources. 

But not everyone thinks this is a great idea. Alexandra Gill at the Globe &‌Mail thinks it’s absolutely boneheaded. Her argument is that if you want to support a restaurant, great. But if everyone does it at the same time, it overwhelms a skeleton staff that is barely hanging on in the first place. Spread your food ordering out.

So whether you or in or out today, support your neighbourhood businesses, foody or not.

We’ll see you Thursday — Martha and Darren



Weather: Chance of flurries, at times heavy, with a high of 4°

Number: 3. Number of break-ins over the weekend, one of which was foiled by a cat [Ottawa Matters]

Ottawan of the Day: Tyler Doucet, who has been feeding hospital workers with donated food and snacks from local businesses [Ottawa Citizen]

Quote: “Negotiations were happening between small groups of MPs from each side, and the Commons and the Senate were just there to ratify. They were just a ceremonial stage that [the bill] needed to go through. That’s really kind of concerning, when the [financial] impact of the legislation is so great.” – Paul Thomas, senior research associate at Samara Centre for Democracy, on concerns that legislation in Parliament is no longer subject to scrutiny [Hill Times]


Survey: What's Your Fave Ottawa Home Decor Shop 🛋️

Ottawa has some amazing local businesses that are struggling. New resources, such as Together-Apart and Yow Connect Local Business are springing up to provide Ottawa’s with an up-to-date list of those shops and restaurants that are open and delivering (or offering contactless curb-side pickup).

We want you to tell us about your favourite local businesses.

Today we want to hear about your favourite home decor/DIY shop.

Maybe you’ve spent your isolation renovating your living room. Or you’ve taken up embroidery. Could it be that you built your dining room table? Tell us which Ottawa businesses helped you.

Tell us why you love them. We’ll do a random draw and send one respondent an ottawan t-shirt.



There have been 619 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19 in Ottawa and 12 deaths.

Friends meeting on a lawn, six feet apart, is still forbidden by Ottawa Public Health [CBC]

+‌ Related 24 tickets were given out over Easter Weekend for pandemic violations [CFRA]

Half of all COVID-19 deaths have occurred in nursing homes [CBC]

COVID-19 hospitalisation rates slowing [CFRA]

Staffer from Bay Ward councillor’s office test positive for COVID-19 [Ottawa Citizen]

Ottawa bus driver’s union wants passengers to be required to wear face masks [Ottawa Citizen]

Funeral homes now required to pick-up the bodies from hospitals within an hour of being contacted, and within three hours from a long-term care facility [CFRA]

RCAF‌ plans to buy aeromedical bio-containment evacuation system [Ottawa Citizen]

+‌ Related The Ottawan’s Guide to Navigating COVID‌ 19


Unsafe at Home Ottawa
New online and text service launched for women experiencing abuse while isolating at home [CFRA] [Chat Online] [Text: 613 704 5535]

+‌ Related Long-term funding for domestic violence programs will have lasting impact beyond the pandemic [Behind The Numbers]

Gas savings for first responders and medical personnel
Ultramar and Pioneer are offering $10 off gas fill-ups to all hospital personnel, paramedics, police and firefighters [CFRA]

NCC‌ plans to open Queen Elizabeth Driveway to pedestrians
Closing part of the Driveway will allow people to walk and cycle but still have social distancing room [Ottawa‌ Citizen]

+‌ Related Curb lane of Bank Street Bridge dedicated to pedestrians, roller bladers, and cyclists [CFRA]

No online pay for doctors until July
Ontario is making doctors wait until July before paying for Telemedicine consultations [CBC]

ByWard Market
The ByWard Market business association believes that a shocking number of its members will not reopen [Ottawa Citizen]

Call to re-open 7,000 garden plots
Shutting down community gardens is denying fresh vegetables for low-income people [Ottawa Citizen]

Man arrested for masturbating in front of two teenage girls on Carling Avenue [Ottawa Citizen]



🎼1pm Parisian producers Blogotheque present a concert by Anna B Savage. [Blogotheque]


🎨 Apartment 13 has $500 for emerging and established writers, storytellers, poets, filmmakers, designers, developers, teachers, scientists, chefs in the residency programme [Apt13]

🎎 It’s time to put on a puppet show, for your kids. Or for you. Here’s a video about making your own puppet: [YouTube]

🎼If you play an instrument and miss the feedback of an audience, check out Virtual Recital on Facebook. It’s a group that allows you to upload your musical performance for viewers. [Facebook]

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