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We're back at Timmy's. Nothing against Quitters, or any other third-wave coffee shop in the Capital, but we're up before you guys are open. We're told our Internet will be repaired today but excuse us if we're skeptical.

That makes us wonder: is there a 24 hour Ottawa? During Darren's days in Vancouver, you could get anything 24 hours per day, including beer poured from a tea pot. But during our time in London, 24 hours meant a single Starbucks at St Pancras Station and the petrol stations.

For the night-owls, Ottawa has: 

🕛 The Elgin Street Diner

🕛 Kettleman's Bagels (Glebe, Trainyards, and Woodroffe)

🕛 Perkins Restaurant

Plus the Shoppers Drug Mart on Carling

Throw in some Tim Hortons and MacDonalds and is that it? Are we really a city of civil servants who go to bed after The National and turn on their Zoom at 6am?

Reply to us at [email protected] if you have others to add.

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren