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We had originally planned to write about places in Ottawa that you could watch the US election in style but now, with COVID-19 restrictions, the only way we're all watching the polls is between the fingers covering our eyes.

But if we can't be amongst the Americans, we can at least eat like them. Here are some Ottawa restaurants that won't delver bad news tonight.


▪️From Love Local Delivery

‘613’ Snack Platter for Two ($29), including coconut shrimp, fire-lick wings, vegetarian spring rolls, jalapeno poppers, spicy fries, from Grill Forty One 

Nashville Fried Chicken Sammie ($17), with in-house bread and butter pickles and slaw, with hand-cut fries, from Irene’s Pub 

Tacos Fiesta Plate ($18) includes six tacos with your favourite toppings, from La Fiesta Latina 

Triple Decker Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($12) with Cheddar, Brie, and Swiss, from Pour Boy 

▪️From Ubereats

Combo 1 ($12.99) sandwich with two chicken tenders, fries, slaw and special sauce; Mac and Cheese ($5) and Cheese Fries ($6) From Hanley’s Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich 

Milkshake ($7.99), ‘Zak Attack’ burger ($20.49) with two patties, bacon, Swiss, Cheddar and Thousand Island dressing. Choose from beef, chicken, or vegetarian patty. Served with your choice of fries, salad, onion rings, or mashed potatoes; from Zak’s Diner

‘Mikey’s Big Breakfast’ ($11.99) with three eggs, three slices of toast, two sausages, two strips of bacon, one slice of ham, and home fries, from Father & Sons Restaurant

NFC and Waffle ($19.99) Three pieces of bone-in Northern Fried Chicken on a freshly baked house made waffle served with country gravy, hand cut fries, syrup, & slaw. From The King Eddy


▪️From DoorDash

Chicken Club Platter ($15.95) includes your choice of bread, salad, and side, from Vanier Grill.

Build your own Pizza ($9.75 for base, then $1.50-2.50 per added topping): choose your sauce, cheese, and toppings from Fiazza Fresh Fired

‘Burgers & Beers Bundle’ includes two Straight Up burgers and your choice of two beers or ciders. From D’Arcy McGee’s 

Mixed Four Pack of beer ($24) plus ‘Craft Mac & Cheese’ with Cheddar, Gouda, Mozzarella, Swiss Cheese, Bacon, Poblano Peppers, and parsley & garlic breadcrumbs ($18.50) From the Craft Beer Market 


▪️From iDeliver

BBQ Family Platter ($89) One pound of signature meats, one pound of premium meats, three large sides from Meatings BBQ.



Hominy grits ($7.95) Pimento cheese, toasted garlic bread crumb  from Union 613

Lumbersexual is an American-style IPA. And like American beers, it's low alcohol at 3.5%. From Covered Bridge Brewing


We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren


Weather: ❄️ 40 per cent chance of flurries. High of 0°  

Number:  $80,000. This is how a person making that salary survives in Ottawa.  [Refinery29]

Ottawan of the Day: Yehonatan Berick. The ‘brilliant’ professor of violin at the University of Ottawa's School of Music and a ‘magnificent artist’ passed away Saturday night at 52. [CBC]

Quote: “We all have to eat. Our ability as a country to feed ourselves and that whole ecosystem … [has] never been more important – Kelly Daize, the director of connected and autonomous vehicle programs at Area X.O. While Area X.O. is mostly known for it's autonomous vehicle work, it also runs the Ottawa Smart Farm, 100 acres of farmland on prime real estate 15 minutes from downtown, to conduct innovative agriculture experiments  [Globe & Mail


Public Health Reports: 


Ottawa Public Health dashboard

Ottawa Wastewaster Dashboard

There have been 7197 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19, an increase of 65 since yesterday, and 328 deaths, no new reports.


Outaouais Public Health dashboard

There have been 2537 confirmed cases of COVID-19, an increase of 23 since yesterday, and 46 deaths, one new report.


Eastern Ontario Public Health dashboard

There have been 633 confirmed cases of COVID-19, an increase of 26 since yesterday, and 21 deaths, two new reports. 

⭕ Rexall Drug Stores run out of regular flu shots  [CBC]

⭕ Ottawa researchers are studying the effects of the epidemic on hospital cleaning staff [CBC]

⭕ An outbreak at Extendicare Starwood has resulted in 102 residents and 32 staff testing positive for COVID-19 since an outbreak started there on Sept. 25    [Ottawa Citizen]

⭕ Sixteen people in their 20s have been fined $1000 each for a Hallowe’en Party in Val-des-Monts [Ottawa Citizen]

⭕ ‘COVID is going to be with us for the foreseeable future. We are in the early days of learning to live with it‘, says Dr Vera Etches. Ottawa Public Health is changing their strategy to one of coexistance, she says [Ottawa Citizen]

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▪️The City’s transportation committee has approved the plan for light rapid transit from Algonquin College to BarrhavenIncluded in the plan is $400 million budgeted to build car bridges over the VIA Rail line and, by the by, destroy 120 low-income housing units which are in the way. The City has not put forward any funds for this project and expects it to be paid for by the Provincial and Federal governments. [Ottawa Citizen]

+ Related The Transportation Committee also approved waiving fees to use city  sidewalks and streets for restaurant patios until the end of 2021. The full council still needs to approve this proposal.

▪️Fully automated bus goes into trial at Tunney’s Pasture. The tiny bus runs on a 1.5 km loop on the public streets between Tunney’s Pasture buildings. Only people involved in the project can currently catch a ride. [CBC]

▪️Councillors Jeff Leiper and Catherine McKenney want the City to regulate construction hours once again. The Provincial Government permitted construction – and it’s resulting noise – from 6am to 10am seven days per week in its original COVID-19 orders, anticipating that this would give managers more flexibilty in social distancing workers. The Councillors say that the noise is now harming resident’s mental health. [CTV]

▪️Conditions at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre are so bad, a judge tossed the final 30 days of an assaulters’s sentence. Sonnie Fulton kept a diary of his treatment, including being denied medication, being double-bunked in a cell stained with blood and feces, and 20 straight days under full or partial lockdown. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Ottawa Police constables make $100,000 annually after five years of service, superintendents make $200,000. This was mentioned as Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly mooted a plan to create incentives for officers to retire, allowing the service to hire more diversely.  [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Facebook has been head hunting high level civil servants in Ottawa and this may result in Parliamentary scrutiny. The argument is that the public policy world is a small one and Facebook, amongst others, may be trying to poach the existing experts. [Toronto Star]

▪️Kettleman's Bagel Co. is all-dressed for its first Toronto shop. The Ottawa-based baglery came in first for Best Bagel in the Best of Ottawa 2020 Awards. [BlogTO]


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