The annual Clean Up the City registration begins tomorrow. 

The idea is that you or your friends pick a site and a date – between April 15 and May 31 – that needs to be cleaned. The City will provide the cleaning supplies. You're asked to take the garbage home but if you ask, the CIty will arrange to pick up the nastiness.

Register now and you can avoid that thing you really should be doing instead.

– Martha and Darrren



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Ogilvy’s T-Shirt

Charles Ogilvy Limited began as dry goods shop on Rideau Street in 1897, and ended its reign as Ottawa's greatest department store in 1992.

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    • ❄️ 40 per cent chance of flurries. High of 2°, low of -6°. 


    • 17 months
    • – The new delay time of the Confederation Line’s Western extension. Contracted to open May 25, 2025, the new launch date is expected to be late 2026. (City of Ottawa via Bulldog Ottawa PDF)

    Gatinois of the Day


    • [T]he city doesn’t want to hear any of that, they’re not interested in it
    • – Landlord Roland Reebs who says that the City wants him to pay the Vacant Unit Tax despite his property having tenants. The previous tenants, however, had trashed the place, including spray painting the furnance filter. The resulting repairs went over 184 days, triggering the tax. (Peter Szperling at CTV)


    📣 ServiceOttawa

    • Private information of residents who used the My ServiceOttawa between December 3, 2022 and January 4, 2023 had a possibility of being seen by the public. In that period, the City posted an internal testing website on the public MyServiceOttawa page. Residents were able to create an account, which would be visible to the next person signing up, if they did so within five minutes. The City is notifying people who it believes were affected. The problem was discovered via a complaint from the public. (City of Ottawa via Bulldog Ottawa PDF)

    🚑 Ambulances

    • The taxpayers of our next door neighbours, United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, paid $1 million over five years for ambulance service calls to Ottawa residents. Leeds and Grenville ambulance service made  2,571 visits to Ottawa residents, while Ottawa ambulance service made only 297 visits to the other side. Leeds and Grenville had invoiced Ottawa but we don't have to pay, so we haven’t. (Sabrina Bedford in the Ottawa Citizen)

    🚨 Thin Blue Line

    • Like most police forces in Canada, the Ottawa Police Service forbids its members from displaying the Thin Blue Line patch on member’s uniforms but the Ottawa Police Association has placed it on its hockey jerseys. The symbol, a black Canadian flag with a blue line bisecting it horizontally, is considered by most people as rebuke against police reform or accountabilty. When asked, most people who wear it say it honours police officers who have died on the job. Ottawa Police  Association president Matthew Cox is one of those. Meanwhile, the official symbol recognizing officers who have died on duty is the black and blue ribbon.  (Cindy Tran at the Canadian Press)

    💤 Zellers

    • Nostalgia begins March 23 when the Bay opens Zellers pop-ups inside its Rideau Centre and St Laurent Shopping Centre stores.  The Gatineau location date has not yet been confirmed. (Retail Insider) (Zellers)

    ⛸️ Rideau Canal Skateway

    • The fallout continues. Now the US’s National Public Radio flagship show Morning Edition has an audio story on it.

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    The University of Ottawa’s students’ newspaper The Fulcrum has come up with a really great column idea: ‘The best course at the U of O is ...’. The inaugural edition features the truths learned by Matthew McConkey from Professor Franco Ricci’s Italian Cinema (ITA1113).

    We will see you tomorrow  – Martha and Darren

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