🚕 Taxis

  •  Taxi owners have won their lawsuit against the City over unenforced laws benefiting Uber. When Uber started operating in Ottawa in 2014, taxi owners complained that the law was being broken. Only taxi owners who had city-created ‘medaillons’ were permitted to pick-up and drop-off the public at their request. The law was changed in 2016 to accomodate ride sharing services like Uber. The taxi owners had asked for $215 million in damages, but the penalty phase will be at a later date. (Blair Crawford in the Ottawa Citizen)

🛩️ Speeding Tickets

  •  If you are one of those people who scoff at the ‘Speed enforced by aircraft’ signs, Darren, the Ontario Provincial Police is calling your bluff. A plane from the OPP’s Aviation Services will be monitoring 400-numbered highways this holiday weekend. (Josh Pringle at CTV)

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🐕 Beware of Bread

  •  Somebody has been placing pills in pieces of bread in the Rolling Meadow Crescent area, apparently targetting dogs. The Ottawa Police Service says a large amount of the pieces were in a grassy area largely used by dog walkers. The Service did not specify the location. (Ted Raymond at CTV)

🚨 Donald Street Apartment Fire