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A question we heard this week: what do the Girl Guides do since they can't sell cookies this month?

You've never been able to buy them online, and that hasn't changed.

But you can buy them - on an emergency basis - in some shops: FreshCo., Sobeys,  Metro, Foodland, and Food Basics.

Remember, you're not buying cookies, you're supporting girls. Remember that as you eat an entire carton in one sitting.

We’ll see you Monday — Martha and Darren



Weather: Increasing cloudiness, high of 11°

Number: -6. The temperature yesterday, making Ottawa the coldest capital in the world, beating out Moscow and Reykeyvik [Narcity]

Ottawan of the Day:  Peggy Kleinplatz, a certified sex therapist and professor of medicine at the University of Ottawa. Kleinplatz and co-author University of Windsor professor, researcher and clinical psychologist Dana Menard have just released a new book, Magnificent Sex: Lessons from Extraordinary Lovers [Ottawa Sun] [Publisher]

Quote: “Sometimes I think of where we are as like a forest with a lot of dry kindling. We had the warning, the lightning strike came down and we were able to put out the fire but we really had to control the whole forest” – Dr. Doug Manuel, epidemiologist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute , warning against loosening restrictions too fast  [Ottawa Matters]



There have been 977 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19 in Ottawa, an increase of 34 since yesterday, and 35 deaths, an increase of three.

City temporaily closes Esther By Child Care Centre after staffer fell ill   [Ottawa Citizen]

Dr. Vera Etches says COVID-19 will be “part of our lives” for the foreseeable future [CFRA]

Premier Doug Ford's mother-in-law, who lives in a care home, tests positive for COVID-19 [Ottawa Citizen]

New COVID-19 clinic for pregnant women and newborns at the Ottawa Hospital [Ottawa Citizen]

Don't inject Lysol into the human body says maker, after US president Donald Trump suggested that was a thing to do [The Street]
  + Related Acting US ambassador to Canada defends defunding WHO

Canada invests $1 billion in COVID-19 vaccine research [Toronto Star]

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Supreme Court limits Phoenix system lawsuit
Federal civil servants have been waiting for pay or had wrong paycheques from the botched payroll system [CBC]

Federal goverment may announce commercial rent relief today
Many businesses closed due to the Coronavirus have been terrified that landlords may sieze their property or lock them out as they are unable to make rent.  [Ottawa Matters]

Support restaurants by picking up your order rather than delivery, says Wellington Street Diner owner 
The delivery services take 30 per cent of the price, and the majority of the restaurant's profit [Ottawa Matters]

Burglar stuck in vestibule when cops came
Is this an Ottawa thing, like shawarmas and not supporting the Senators? We've only been sending this newsletter three weeks and this is the second burglar-locked-in-building story that we've run [CFRA]

Small business fears Federal bailout are big business only
They say the money is doled out by the banks and the banks criteria is large companies only [CBC]

Lowertown landlord asking tenants to declare if they have COVID-19
'None of their business,' says tenant specialist lawyer [CBC]

The only Ottawa park fine map you'll ever need
A visual chart of which parks are targeted by Ottawa Bylaw officers. Britannia is number one. [CBC]

University of Ottawa unions launch petition to waive tuition 
They want tuition from May 1 to Aug 24 waived as classes are online only [The Fulcrum]



🎼 3 pm Funny St. John's indie poppers The Burning Hell recorded at the NAC [NAC]



🎼 Listen to NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts, which is featuring artists recorded at home. This one is superstar pianist Lang Lang  [NPR]

🥕 A Complete Guide to Digging & Planting Your First Vegetable Garden: Tomatoes, Peppers & Herbs  [YouTube]

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