of 21°, low of 14°.   

Number: 3,000. The number of jobs lost in the retail industry by Ottawa residents. In total, Ottawa had 588,700 employed residents in 2021, up 5.7 per cent from the previous year. [City of Ottawa]

Ottawan of the Day: Tamar Boghossian. The immigration lawyer and Algonquin College instructor has been providing free legal aid to 12 Afghan allies and their families. The Afghan allies are people who provided services to Canadian Forces members or diplomats in Afghanistan and are now at risk of reprisals. Canada promised that 40,000 Afghans would be able to come to this country but only 17,000 have so far been able to clear the hurdles. [Algonquin College]

Quote: ‘I grabbed a towel from my hockey bag — possibly smellier than the beast I was hoping to save, my hockey mates later joked — and tried three times before fully covering the wriggling creature from its plastic-encased snout to its tail’ –  Carleton University journalism professor Randy Boswell on saving a Sandy Hill skunk who had its head stuck in a plastic peanut butter jar this week. [Ottawa Citizen]

Sports: Frontier League Ottawa Titans 3 – Tri-City ValleyCats 2, last night

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▪️Not a repeat: The United People of Canada are still at St Brigid's Church. Nothing has changed. Again, we note that because St Brigid's is private property, only the owner has a say over enforcement – if they are content to have people squat, there is no reason for officialdom to get involved. [Ottawa Police Newsrelease

▪️Orléans apartment building residents say O Train construction is keeping them awake at night. Residents say that bulldozers come out at 9:30 pm or as early as 6:30 am. The City says that some work must be done overnight to avoid distrupting traffic.  [CTV]

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