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It's Friday, November 18, 2022 and we hope that a reader can explain this sentence to your newsletter purveyors: ‘David and Stephen Jackson run the high-yielding Ottawa herd of 270 cows at Fairview Farm, Belfast Road, Bangor, Co Antrim.’ It’s from a recent story in the Irish Farmer’s Journal – What? You’re not a subscriber? – and we have no clue what an ‘Ottawa herd’ is. Would some cow spotter please enlighten us?

More Weekender


▪️Pour Boy Pub Is offering 30% off fish and chips tonight. 465 Somerset St. W. 


Toronto fashion boutique Rahyma will be popping up at Carlingwood Shopping Centre tomorrow from 10:00am to 4:00pm. They’ll be bringing luxury dresses, jumpsuits, jackets, head wraps, blouses, ponchos and kimonos inspired by African patterns and colours. All pieces are made in Nigeria or Canada. 2121 Carling Ave. 


▪️Pretty Woman continues until Sunday at the NAC. We’ve got to be honest: it wasn’t our favourite show (It wasn’t our favourite film to start with, so the musical didn’t really stand a chance). To us, there’s not much that’s song and dance-y about a sex worker being paid by a grumpy business guy for a week of companionship and, well, sex. Maybe it’s just us, but it’s pretty cringeworthy to see a transactional sex act on a piano heating up as the lights dim between scenes. Aside from all that, there’s a good musical number with many of the supporting characters in the first act that allowed us to forget the plot for a few minutes. It probably is just us; the people sitting around us on Tuesday night all seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the show. 

▪️The Canterbury Community Association welcomes the return of the Annual Christmas Craft Fair and the Art in the Neighbourhood Fall Art Show from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Canterbury Community Centre, 2185 Arch St. 

Deals of the day

▪️The West of Main 20% off sale starts today. 

▪️We saw some cool deals on the sale pages of Toronto boutique Labour of Love. Check here for cufflinks, books like Can I Recycle This? A Guide to Better Recycling, and a stocking-stuffer-friendly pack of retro travel stickers. 

▪️Shop in person for Black Friday savings at Studio D, 340 Gladstone Ave, Suite 302. The offer ends November 26.

▪️Sugarfina's yummy advent calendars, tasting boxes, and party packs are now 50% off. 

▪️Must Boutique in Westboro is taking 30% off the lowest marked priceon European fashions, across the entire store. Visit the store in person for these savings, until closing time on November 29. 356 Richmond Road. 


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Weather: 🌨️ Flurries. High of -4°, low of -8°.  There is a weather advisory in effect – heavy snowfall starting tomorrow afternoon.

Number:  13. Where Ottawa lies on a list of the 35 most expensive Canadian cities in which to rent. Vancouver and Toronto were first and second. Gatineau was 24th. At #35, Grande Prairie has one bedrooms for $968. [CityNews] [The List]

Ottawan of the Day:  John McLarens. Fifty-six years ago, the Bells Corner resident was working as a security guard in London when he discovered that the World Cup had been stolen. For a few days, he was the prime suspect. The Cup was eventually found in a park, left there by the real thief who took the trophy because the stamp collection he went to steal in the same building was under too much security. [CBC]

Quote: ‘Chief, we don’t need any more politicians. We’ve got ’em like rats here when the cheese truck turns over’ – Bulldog Ottawa's take on new police chief Eric Stubbs inaugural comments. [Bulldog Ottawa

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🚨 The Emergency Act Inquiry

▪️The Federal Privy Council Office considered shutting down cell phone towers and ordering gas stations closed as a measure to deal with the Convoy siege. Clerk of the Privy Council Janice Charette and deputy clerk Nathalie Drouin also said sending in Federal employees with commercial driver’s licences to make off with the trucks was also considered. Drouin recalled the the Office was ‘losing hope’ in the Ottawa and Windsor police services.

The Rest

▪️The last staff working at 24 Sussex are being sent elsewhere. The National Capital Commission is officially closing the empty Prime Ministerial residence to start removing asbestos and obsolete mechanical and electrical systems. Incredibly, the chef for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and family has continued to use the 24 Sussex kitchen and ferries over the meals to their New Edinburgh cottage on the grounds of Rideau Hall. It’s unknown as of yet from where Chef Chanthy Yen will be working. [National Post] [NCC Statement]

▪️The O Train will be closed all day tomorrow. The system will be shut to investigate the root cause of the axel-hub issues that have caused derailments. A bus service will run between stations all day tomorrow. O Train service will return Sunday. [CTV]

+ Related Baseline Road between Woodroffe Avenue and Constellation Drive will be closed until Monday morning due to O Train Stage 2 construction

▪️Ottawa driver says an off duty Police officer came to his house hours after a traffic incident. The man, who had a dash camera, says he drove close to the off duty officer's car on a rural road, resulting in the officer yelling and threatening a ticket. Six hours later, the officer showed up a the man's home with a careless driving ticket, six demerit points, and a fine for not updating the now not-needed license plate sticker. The man reported the officer to Ottawa Police Service professional standards. [CTV] [The video]

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