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It's Tuesday, November 8, 2022 and the animals are revolting. A Gatineau bear is a fugitive from justice in the Parc-de-la-Montagne-Saint-Raymond quarter, cleaning out garbage bins and bird feeders. In the McNeely Road and Russell Road area of Navan, meanwhile, by-law officers chased – and caught – a turkey. Call Ottawa By-law if you are missing one, or plan to celebrate US Thanksgiving.


Canadian-made Christmas Gifts Part I

▪️Okay, this one’s only half Canadian but it’s so stylish it needed to be in this list. Local muralist and artist Robbie Larivière aka Falldowng and Lab Candles of California have collaborated on a range of three holiday candles made from coconut wax and finished with lush seasonal scents. Available exclusively at BBXCo, where pre-orders are being taken right now. We imagine that these babies will sell right out. $38 each.

▪️The Purdy’s 20-piece Festive Trees Chocolate Gift Tin is a thoughtful prezzie for a party thrower, a teacher, a chocoholic, or anyone who needs help getting in the holiday spirit. Even better, there are myriad uses for the tin once the chocs have been devoured. $26. 

▪️The air plant enthusiast in your life will love the Mini Air Plant Hanger from Wood Chip Decor. $29.99, available online or at a range of retailers across Ottawa. 

▪️Bridgehead has Aeropress fans covered with the Coffee Lover Gift Box ($75), which includes an Aeropress Coffee Maker, two 340g bags of coffee ground for this type of coffeemaker, and 350 filters. 

▪️Mimi & August’s new range of reusable candles is designed to have a second life as decorative accessories or functional pieces for your home. There’s a stoneware jar, a vintage jar with a handle (for coffee later), and a speckled cup that can be repurposed as a hold-all for jewellery or spare change or an espresso cup. The range also includes room sprays in two different sizes. 

Deals of the day

Betty X Bow is celebrating their second anniversary with a site-wide 25% off sale. You’ll also get free shipping on orders over $150 across North America. 

We'll see you tomorrow  – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ☀️ Sunny. High of 6°, low of -4°.   

Number:  $146,000. The annual cost to maintain 24 Sussex Drive including $59,027 for electricity and bimonthly $600 water bills. The Prime Minister’s official residence has not been lived in since 2015.  [Ottawa Citizen

Ottawans of the Day:  Libby & Cal. The folk duo of Libby Hortop and Cal Tranner sing about non-monogamy, LGBTQ+ representation, and unhappy relationships on their new album, If You’ve Given Up on Love, then Let’s Call It Something Else, released last week. [Kitchissippi Times]

Quote: ‘It’s called a consortium, when you form a group to buy an entity, and it’s such a fancy way of saying ‘I need a sugar mommy or sugar daddy’. And if that doesn’t happen, I’ll buy a US senator, which everyone can afford.’ – Ryan Reynolds on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon confirming that he is attempting to buy the Sens, albeit with a little help. [Ottawa Sun

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🚨 The Emergency Act Inquiry

▪️The Ontario Provincial Police superintendant overseeing the Ambassador Bridge protest considered canceling the plan to roust the protesters over fears it would make the situation in Ottawa worse. Her colleagues convinced her to worry about local matters first.

▪️The head of the Ontario Provincial Police intelligence bureau worried about the ethics of background checks on Convoy protesters. Superintendant Pat Morris said that he had professional and ethical concerns about conducting checks on people who were not presenting a public safety risk. 

▪️Premier Doug Ford said that Ottawa was not a priority on a phone call to New Edinburgh resident Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Ford and Trudeau have both been supportive of each other’s actions in public but unfortunately for Ford, a transcription was given to the Inquiry. Ford also said Mayor Jim Watson* and former police chief Peter Sloly were mismanaging the protest. [The Transcript (PDF)]

* We only just found out that Watson lives in Kitchissippi, and it should have been Kitchissippi resident Mayor Jim Watson the entire time. But it seems a little late to start now when Kitchissippi resident mayor-elect Mark Sutcliffe takes over next week. We still don't know where Sloly lives.

The Rest

▪️The City has sent out a press release informing the public that if the power goes out and you have no electricity, you can get updated emergency information on Twitter, the City’s website, and from radio and TV. The City also recommends you get a landline, as they tend to stay up during power outages. (However, if you sign up for Bell's Fibre Internet, Bell will want to rip out your landline for an electricity-powered-voice-over-Internet-phone. You won't have a choice, as Martha's mum found out. When she refused to lose her preferred, 1990s-era landline, which has proved useful many times during power outages, the Bell technicians left without installing the Fibre Internet. Sigh.) Back to the City's press release. It also says we should all buy handcranked radios. That's the 21st Century, folks: if there is a disaster, we're back to the hand cranked radio. Although, if you have access to YouTube during the apocalypse, you can build your own crystal radio. [City of Ottawa website]

▪️Stittsville’s newest street is Roger Griffiths Avenue. Griffiths, a former Township of Goulbourn councillor, had the street named after him as part of the City’s Veterans’ Commemorative Street Naming Programme. Griffith served during the Second World War. [Ottawa Citizen]

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