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Ottawa is becoming an outlier by not closing off streets to traffic and allowing pedestrians and cyclists to take over.

Last week, Mayor Jim Watson said that Ottawa would not be closing streets, believing that it would make it attractive for people to congregate.

But the sidewalks are crowded and more room means more distance between people.

Other cities are finding that it works. Winnipeg has opened streets, Vancouver has closed its narrow seawall but opened up nearby wide roads. Calgary has done it, too. And Saskatoon is working on it.

Don’t get us wrong, social distancing is the most important tool we have to limit the pandemic. But it’d be much easier to continue the lock-in if everyone had a little more elbow room.

— Martha and Darren



Weather: Mix of sun and cloud with a high of 6°

Number: 33. The per centage that the noise level has dropped in Ottawa in the past month [Globe &‌ Mail]

Ottawan of the Day: Ryan‌ Reynolds, the former Vanier resident and his wife Blake Lively donated to the Ottawa Food Bank [Ottawa Citizen]

Quote: “Once you have a true confirmed case, there’s probably 10 times that number out in the community. It’s just the lack of testing is not identifying these people” – Spartan Bioscience CEO Paul Lem who has will be sending rapid portable COVID-19 test kits to Northern and rural communities where lab service is non-existent [Globe &‌ Mail]

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All over the internet, everyone from your BFF to IG influencers are showing you the fabulous sourdough loaves that they've learned how to bake over the last four weeks.

While we're all for self-improvement, we want to hear from those who are having a different Covid-19.

Many of us are spending our days on the couch, or trying to get the kids to sit still for a quick math lesson, or indulging in secret hobbies that we'll never reveal to the world outside our homes.

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There have been 586 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19 in Ottawa and 11 deaths.

Second IGA worker in Gatineau, worker in Orléans Food Basics test positive for COVID-19 [CFRA]

+‌ Related Metro grocers keeps a master list of all the stores which have staff who have contracted COVID-19

Ottawa Transit Riders wants regular bus service back as the reduced service makes busses too packed [CBC]

Care home deaths have pushed deaths past the Feds worst-case projections [Ottawa Citizen]

Another Gatineau cop contracts COVID-19; checkpoint masks by cops still optional [Ottawa Citizen]

Ottawa bans working in multiple care homes [Ottawa Citizen]

Almonte Country Haven death toll is now 16 [Ottawa Matters]

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90 year-old Britannia man murdered
Ottawa police are investigating a suspected homicide, no suspects mentioned [Ottawa Matters]

Ottawa narcs on cannabis lounges
Ottawa Public Health throws cold water on the idea of cannabis smoking lounges, saying the long-term effect of cannabis smoking is not known [Ottawa Citizen]

Councillor wants Rec Centre opened to homeless people
Somerset Councillor Catherine McKenney wants the city to open the Plant Recreation Centre on Somerset Street West to homeless people to use the washrooms and shower. 1,100 people in Ottawa are living in shelters and are turned out during the day. [CFRA]

Put away the floods and wear regular pants
Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board says there is little risk of flooding this year [CFRA]



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