Issue 600 Volume 3 Number 100

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It’s Tuesday, August 30, 2022 and here is a video of the Ottawa Police arresting a local man for trespassing at St Brigids’s at the request of the United People.

Upcoming events

▪️Tomorrow night is the final Parkdale Night Market of summer 2022. As always there will be live music and a strong showing by local vendors. 5:00pm to 9:00pm. 

▪️The BGC Ottawa Morning Social is back in person on Thursday September 8. The fundraising networking breakfast is a chance to support the charity in its work to provide at-risk children and youth safe spaces to go after school. It’s also a great opportunity to meet likeminded individuals and business leaders. Registration is free but of course donations are accepted. The cut off to book your place is Thursday September 1. 

▪️Ottawa Fringe is taking French and English applications for the 2023 undercurrents festival, happening February 8-18. The festival encourages applications from artists who identify as part of an underrepresented group. Applications must be received by 11:59pm on Sept. 6. 

▪️It’s time for new and emerging filmmakers to register for Digi60 2022. This is a creative challenge to make a short film based around a theme, within 60 days. Submitted films are screened with juried evaluations, and throughout the year filmmakers are invited to panels, workshops, and networking sessions. 

Deal of the day

Matter Company is offering free shipping on back to school essentials like shampoo and body wash, lip balms, and moisturizers. Just spend at least $35 before tax, and use the code BACKTOSCHOOL at checkout.


Yesterday we wrote that for the upcoming Ottawa election, in 24 wards, 11 councillors were not running again. 

First, there are only 23 wards right now. A new 24th ward will be contested in the election. Darren really should know better.

Second, while it is true 11 councillors will not be running again to represent their ward, Somerset councillor Catherine McKenney is still campaigning for election, though this time it's for mayor.

You can find out who is running in your ward with this handy tool.


We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ?️ Showers. High of 28°, low of 17°.   

Number: $5,000. The amount of money that the Old Ottawa community is raising for a skate sharpening initiative. The money would buy the equipment to sharpen skates and be run by volunteers at the Windsor Park Fieldhouse. Everyone needing sharpening would be welcome.  [CBC] [Donate]

Kitigan Zibi Anishinābeg of the Day: Dylan Whiteduck. The chief of the council has been reëlected for a second two-year term. [CBC]

Quote: ‘Because you know the world is watching. So when I walk around here, I feel like I’m part of history’ –  ‘Rosie Convoy’, who is one of the St Brigid’s crowd and a convoy supporter. In photos, she's one of the people on the steps standing guard at the door with a super soaker. [Ottawa Citizen]

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▪️Ottawa Airport firefighters win again against YOW, this time for being forced to take sick days when ordered to stay home over COVID contact. Four firefighters were in close contact at work with a person who was confirmed to have COVID-19 and ordered to isolate. The Airport told them to use sick days to cover the time off. The Union argued that since they were not sick, the four could not take sick days and even if they did, they could be short days if they later become ill. The arbitrator agreed with that argument and told the Airport to just pay them for the time they were forced to take off. Airport firefighters won a fight against the Airport last week over random drug testing. [Ottawa Citizen

▪️The health centre that said it fired two family physicians, a nurse practitioner, and a registered nurse in order to handle more people is being overwhelmed, say staff. The four were fired without cause in July. The Pinecrest Queensway Community Health Centre CEO says that this was part of a restructuring that would allow the Centre to help 2,500 more people. Staff say that patients are now being sent to hospital emergency rooms or walk-in clinics because it now has only two physicians on staff. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Artist Keiran Brennan Hinton turned a 1918 Schoolhouse in Elgin into a beautiful home and studio. It cost him $230,000. Of course there are pictures. [Maclean’s]

▪️The Association of Municipalities of Ontario says Premier Doug Ford should have a broad consultation before expanding ‘strong mayor’ powers. The Association says the public, professional organizations, and municipalities should be consulted before passing the law, which grant the mayors of Ottawa and Toronto veto and firing powers. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️The Survivor’s Flag was raised on Parliament Hill yesterday. The flag recognizes the Indigenous People forced to attend residential schools. The flag will remain until 2024, when a permanent home will be decided. [National Observer]

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