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Wednesday Resto Roundup

Dry January is painful for bars and restaurants who depend on alcohol sales. This year is obviously more dire than most. Many Ottawa hospitality businesses are working hard to make up the shortfall by creating delicious food offers and finding other ways to pivot into increased revenue. Read on, and please support local.

▪️Looking for a hearty snack? Wellington Butchery (where the ottawanbought our delicious Christmas turkey) has golden, flaky knishes with fillings like potato onion, smoked meat, and broccoli cheddar. You also order meat pies, cabbage rolls, baked beans, and more.

▪️the ottawan is always impressed by the way the word “Poutine” makes its way into unexpected places. Art Is In Bakery at 250 City Centre Ave presents the Poutine Tourtière: slow braised beef, mashed potatoes, and cheese curds in pastry. We’ll pause there while you catch your breath. Priced at $33, the Poutine Tortière arrives frozen for reheating at home. 

▪️Big bread news from Eldon’s: they’ll be launching their Little Bottle Shop and Pantry on February 1st, but even better, you can sign up for Eldon’s Bread Program: a subscription of once or twice weekly sourdough bread loaf pickup. You can request the number of loaves you need, and simultaneoiusly select other items from the pantry list including wine, craft beer, smoked brie, mushroom soup, and other necessities. The monthly bread subscriptions start at $50. Email for sign up info. [email protected] 

▪️In addition to burgers, fish and chips, grilled cheese sammies, and yummy bar snacks, the Hintonburg Public House’s collection of vintage homewares continues to build. Right now they’ve got some upcycled vintage wall hangings and chalkware animal heads, painted in vivid pink, red, yellow, and turquoise, which are perfect for living rooms needing a January makeover. From $12. Check out the other vintage items while you shop for (takeout) dinner. 

Booze up

▪️For those flouting the teetotalism trend, the Moonroom’s classy NYE cocktail kit is still available for two more days. You’ll receive all of the fixings to make four Aviation, Gibson Martini, and French 75 classic cocktails, priced at $124. DM to order. 

▪️Meanwhile, Bar From Afar’s cocktail kits are available in a range of options for bourbon, gin, vodka, rum, and Tequila aficionados. You can even select the specific cocktails you wish to make from your kit. Prices start at $60. 

▪️Prefer beer to cocktails? Most of Ottawa’s extensive range of craft breweries offer delivery as well as curb side pickup. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our handy “Last Ottawa-Gatineau Craft Beer Brewery Map You Will Ever Need.” 

News from elsewhere

▪️Faces magazine has published their tastiest Thai restaurant list 

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren


Weather: ☁️ Mainly cloudy. High of -2°

Number: 111. The number of University of Ottawa food bank patrons whose names were revealed on the the Students’ Union website, complete with student number and email. It's unknown how long this information was available.  [The Fulcrum

Ottawans of the Day: Six Ottawans were inducted into the Order of Ontario in the new year. Dr. Peter Liu, cardiologist at Ottawa Heart Institute; Raymond Desjardins, atmospheric scientist at the Central Experimental Farm; Dr. André Lapierre, professor of linguistics and Canadian studies; André M. Levesque,  pioneer of memorialogy, the study of memorials and commemoration; Melanie Adrian, associate professor in Carleton University’s department of law and legal studies; Roland “Roly” Armitage, final mayor of West Carleton Township [Ontario Newsroom]

Quote: “I still am struggling with the systemic part of it. I'm just being candid and honest” – Walter Stack, mayor of Arnprior. The town council of Arnprior has voted to apologise for the Mayor’s earlier statement that systematic racism did not exist in the Ottawa Valley, having not witnessed it himself. Stack abstained from the vote. [CBC]


💉 Vaccination tracker by Andrew Lam (@socialvizcanada)

57,921 doses have been administered in Ontario (37% of the doses available)

👉 At this rate, it would take 367.5 weeks to administer one dose to each person in Ontario. 

📋 Public Health Reports: 


Ottawa Public Health Dashboard

Ottawa Wastewater Dashboard

Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Ottawa Catholic School Board

Conseil des ecoles catholiques du Centre-Est

Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario

There have been 10,595 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19, an increase of 123 since yesterday, and 393 deaths, no new reports.


Outaouais Public Health dashboard

There have been 5017 confirmed cases of COVID-19, an increase of 33 since yesterday, and 122 deaths, three new reports.


Eastern Ontario Health Unit dashboard

There have been 1730 confirmed cases of COVID-19, an increase of 41 since yesterday, and 34 deaths, one new report.

Sometimes the number of cases or deaths are lower from one day to the next. This is usually because the powers-that-be have reassigned a case to a different health authority.

🤦 Hospital CEO who sat on a COVID-19 panel advising Premier Doug Ford vacationed in the Caribbean over the holidays. Dr. Tom Stewart, CEO of St. Joseph's Health System and Niagara Health has resigned from that panel. [CBC]

⭕ Dr Vera Etches is now recommending residents wear masks even in the open air [CBC]

⭕ Models show that instead of reserving half of the vaccine doses for a second jab, expanding the number of people – and hoping for more vaccines to come – will reduce infections by 30 per cent  [Macleans]

⭕ Ontario ob-gyns want pregnant and breastfeeding women to get the vaccine; current policies advise against that [CBC]

⭕ Ottawa Public Health is shifting from front line medical staff to care home residents and workers for vaccinations. [CBC

⭕ Airlines are concerned that they cannot use their own judgment for returning Canadians. The Federal Government has insisted on negative COVID-19 test for passengers departing foreign countries but many places cannot issue the tests within the proscibed 72 hours  [CBC]

⭕ 600 Federal inmates will receive the vaccine beginning Friday. Inmates will receive both doses as recommened. [CTV]

⭕ As an expert in reading the room, College Ward Councillor Rick Chiarelli tweeted that he will be ‘next in line’ in his family to receive the vaccine. He then walked that back, saying he won't be ahead of front-line workers. Chiarelli’s wife Lida, a teacher and care home worker, has received the vaccine. [CTV

 🍁 The Canada COVID Alert App

Be alerted if you have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. 

📲 How It Works       [Apple App Store]      [Google Play Store]


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▪️Golf club in Barrhaven bans locals from skating on its stormwater pond. Owner of Stonebridge Golf Club, Mattamy Homes, has put no trespassing signs up and is shooing away skaters. City councillor Carol Anne Meehan is with the private company – she points out that the pond has running water beneath and while it may be safe one day, that's not guaranteed the next. Last year, local residents voted to increase their taxes to buy most of Stonebridge for $7 million to prevent the company from developing it. [CBC]

+ Related Dr Vera Etches is limiting skating rinks, toboggan runs, and ski trails to 25 people at a time

▪️National Capital Commission does not want to provide refunds for Ontarians who have bought Gatineau Park tickets – yet. Both Ontario and Quebec governments have issued public health warning to not cross provincial borders. The Commission argues that things may change and people may get their money’s worth, or maybe they can get a refund or a credit at the end of the season. Gatineau Park passes are $200 or $172 if purchased before November 23.  [CBC]


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