• We had some good suggestions for a new location of the Prime Minister’s official residence.
  • Many people suggested LeBreton Flats. Great location and the Federal government already owns it.
  • George says anwhere, but 30 per cent of the new building should include social housing. 
  • We spotted a suggestion on Twitter that we liked: ‘Eliminate the housing allowance given to MPs. Sell off Pierre's mansion. Bulldoze Sussex, build a condo tower for MPs to stay in while working in Ottawa with a penthouse for the Prime Minister.’

    Darren – not our Darren – suggested ‘A wooden shack in the middle of the Mer Bleue Bog’. Good for security, but the commute would probably be terrible.

    If you have a better location, email it to us at

– Martha & Darren



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    • 🌦️ 30 per cent chance of showers. High of 22°, low of 7°. 


    • 758%
    • – The increase in the number of cyclists who are using the newly-reopened Wellington Street in front of the Parliament Buildings. In real numbers, that was 99 in 2018 and 849 over a twelve-hour period in July. Automotive traffic has decreased 35 per cent now as compared to a twelve hour period in July 2018.  (Josh Pringle at CTV)

    Ottawan of the Day


    • It is changing, but there is still a bias against women and a gap
    • – Risa Mallory, who spent 12 days as a patient at the Ottawa Heart Institute. The Institute has launched the Canadian Women’s Heart Health Centre, which will focus on improving research, education and practice how women’s cardiovascular disease differs significantly from men. For example, in a heart attack, men ‘often describe a “crushing” pain, women tend to describe it as a dull ache or nagging pain and describe other symptoms, such as jaw pain, back pain, fatigue or excessive sweating’. (Elizabeth Payne in the Ottawa Citizen


    • ⚾ FRONTIER Ottawa Titans 9 – Trois-Rivieres Aigles 8 last night

    ✈️ Ottawa International Airport

    •  The direct Ottawa – Calgary route will be dropped by Air Canada at the end of October. The airline blames shortages of pilots and replacement parts. People who bought their Christmas flights early – and all other post-October trips – can get a full refund. (Ted Raymond at CTV

    🚊  O Train

    •  The Confederation Line will add more carriages if the demand is thereThis would be an unremarkable thing on most transit systems, adding more carriages as traffic rises, but the O Train is a special case. Transit Services general manager Renee Amilar doesn’t believe the system will need the extra carriages but says they can add second cars to the single cars if needed. (Josh Pringle at CTV)

      ➕ Related Builders have had to hire generators to complete the Dow's Lake and South Keys stations as the Hydro Ottawa strike is preventing power from being hooked up.

    🚌 School Buses

    •  The Parent Portal has opened up for back to school bus routes. The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority warns parents that it is still short 130 drivers, possibly leaving up to 9,000 kids without a bus.

      The Authority also asks that if your kid is eligible for a school bus but will not be using it, please let them know as it will help work out the routes.

      (Josh Pringle at CTV) (Parent Portal)


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    We will see you tomorrow  – Martha and Darren

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