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Monday, October 4, 2021

The Ottawan


Best of Ottawa

It's almost time for the second annual Best of Ottawa awards

If you were around last year – and chances are you were not, our readership has quadrupled since then – you'll remember that we asked our readers for their votes in everything from best burger to best city councillor.

We work it in two rounds: later this week we'll be asking for the nominations in each category, then two weeks later we'll ask for your votes.

So start mulling it over, and don't let the chance of a $100 gift card colour your thinking.

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ☁️ Cloudy. High of 16°, low of 12°

Number:  75,514 The number of houses in Ottawa at risk of being flooded out due to climate change, according to a new report from the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices. [CBC] [The Report (PDF)]

Ottawan of the Day:  Jon Bartlett. The owner of artist representation firm Kelp Management has signed this year's Polaris Prize winner Cadence Weapon[CBC] [Kelp]

Quote: ‘I kept my promise of not asking any questions. I got Ellie returned to me for the $1000 reward’ – Charlotte Hannington, whose dog Ellie was dognapped from her car while parked in Westboro. [CTV

Sports: CPL Hamilton Forge 3 – Atlético Ottawa 0, yesterday

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Data is from this morning, comparisons are with Friday


588,101? 14849,752 ? 9
? Eligible people with one dose87.2% 
? Eligible people with second dose82%

Ontario COVID Page    Ontario Vaccine Rates 


410,823?129811,377 ? 8
? Eligible people with one dose90.5%
? Eligible people with second dose84.8%

Quebec COVID Page     Quebec Vaccine Rates


cases changedeaths

596 ?1

? Eligible people with one dose

817,185 (89%)
? Eligible people with second dose768,924 (83%)

Ottawa Public Health     Ottawa Vaccination Rates.    Ottawa Wastewater 


13,746?30221 ?1
? Number of doses of vaccine 585,086

As of September 28, 2021 Updated Weekly

? Eligible people with one dose 74.1%
? Eligible people with second dose70.1%

Outaouais Public Health    Quebec Vaccination Rates


5382?52114 ?0
? Eligible people with one dose161,027 (88%)
? Eligible people with second dose149,823 (81.9%)

Eastern Ontario Health Unit  Eastern Ontario Health Unit Vaccination Rates



⭕ New Zealand has given up on its zero tolerance approach to COVID-19 and admits the virus will continue  [CTV]

⭕ Quebec company has created an elevator button that automatically disinfects itself. Elevator buttons can be quite nasty. [Le Droit]

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▪️Panda Game partiers flip over a car during all-out revelry in Sandy Hill. Over 2000 people, mostly students, converged on Russell Avenue after the Panda Game match yesterday at TD Place. The Panda Game, Darren is told, is an annual football match between rivals University of Ottawa and Carleton University, with the winner receiving a stuffed panda, Pedro, as the prize. Residents say the car was flipped several times down the street. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Rental scammer advertised brand new townhouse on Kijiji, rented it out, and was paid two months rent before the owners discovered their new tenants. The owners gave the family, who paid $4300 to the scammer, a week to leave and now live in a relative's basement. Police think that a real estate service that allows agents to unlock houses remotely was involved. [CBC]

▪️The City has hired a new consultant to review what is wrong with the Confederation Line. Philadelphia-based TRA starts work today. The Confederation Line is still closed, for the third straight week. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️Carleton University's annual biology butterfly show returns for its 22nd year. It's virtual only this year but live. [Carleton University]

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Three Victorian houses and one built in 1950

108 Strathcona Avenue, The Glebe

2 bed + 2 bath

Half a duplex,  a block from the canal with a front-facing balcony.


26 Rideau Terrace, New Edinburgh

9 bed + 7 bath

But all those bedrooms and bathrooms are split over three units. 


422 Donald B Munro Drive, Carp

8 bed  + 3 bath

This one really does have eight bedrooms, smack dab in the centre of the village.


925 Bayview Drive, Constance Bay

3 bed + 1 bath

Does it have Victorian charm? No. Does it have more than one bathroom? No. 

What does it have going for it?


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