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With the news that CBC/Radio Canada will be cutting 10 per cent of its workforce over the next year, we were eager to listen to the ‘emergency’ podcast released yesterday by Ottawa-based journalist Paul Wells and his interview with CBC/Radio Canada president Catherine Tait.

However, poking around Wells’ site, we found two recent podcasts relevent to Ottawa that we missed: on Nov 8, Wells interviewed new National Gallery of Canada CEO Jean-François Bélisle on what a national gallery should look like in 2023, and on Nov 1, he interviewed Mayor Mark Sutcliffe on his first year in office.

the ottawan apologizes for the omissions.

– Martha and Darren


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    Ottawan of the Day

    • Jonathan and Kieran Crone
    • –  For the past ten years father and son, respectively, have run Distinctive Woodworking, creating things like pens, spice mills, and bowls to help raise money for autism supports in the community. (Katelyn Wilson at CTV) (Distinctive Woodworking)


    • It’s like living with friends who are smarter and wiser than I am

    • – Goodness Ade, a 20 year-old international student from Nigeria who was invited to stay in a retired Ottawa couple’s spare bedroom. (Alyanna Denise Chua in Maclean’s)



    What’s going on at City Hall

    Ottawa City Council
    Wednesday, December 6 at 10 am

    • 12.1 2024 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets
    • 13.1 Committee of Adjustment - 2024 Draft Operating Budget
    • 14.1 Ottawa Police Service Board - 2024 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets
    • 15.1 Ottawa Public Library : 2024 Draft Budget Estimates
    • 16.1 2024 Draft Operating Budget for the Ottawa Board of Health
    • 17.1 2024 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets - Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee
    • 18.1 2024 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets - Audit Committee
    • 19.1 2024 Draft Operating and Capital Budget – Community Services Committee
    • 20.1 2024 Draft Operating and Capital Budget – Emergency Preparedness and Protective Services Committee
    • 21.1 2024 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets - Environment and Climate Change Committee
    • 22.1 2024 Draft Operating and Capital Budgets - Finance and Corporate Services Committee
    • 24.1 2024 Draft Operating and Capital Budget – Transit Commission
    • 25.1 2024 Draft Operating and Capital Budget – Transportation Committee
    • 27.1 2023 Annual Report of the Integrity Commissioner
    • 28.1 Status Update - Council Inquiries and Motions for the period ending December 1, 2023
    • 29.1 Rural Community-Building Grant Program – Quarter 4 Applications Review
    • 29.2 Site Alteration By-law Review
    • 30.1 Office of the Auditor General (OAG) – Investigation of Allegations Related to Planning Activities for the Conservancy Development
    • 30.3 Office of the Auditor General (OAG) – Audit of Cybersecurity
    • 30.4 Motion – Vice-chair D. Brown – Status of Outstanding Audit Recommendations
    • 31. Built Heritage Committee Report 9B
    • 32.3 Water Rate Structure Review Framework and Update
    • 32.5 Motion – Councillor T. Tierney - Enbridge - St. Laurent Boulevard Maintenance
    • 33.2 Restatement of the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission Employees’ Pension Plan Text and Governance Plan
    • 33.3 Ᾱdisōke Project Update
    • 33.4 2022 Business Improvement Area and Sparks Street Mall Authority - Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements
    • 34. Planning and Housing Committee Report 19
    • 35.1 Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee Report 9
    • 35.2 Audit Committee Report 4
    • 35.3.1 Debenture Committee - Terms of Reference
    • 35.5 Transportation Committee Report 9A

    📋 Agenda


    📪  Amazon

    •  An Ottawa man discovered that his returned Amazon delivery was at a Toronto liquidation store with all his personal information still on view. The liquidation store legitimately bought bulk returned items from Amazon but didn’t bother to remove personal information from the package. ( Ryan Patrick Jones at CBC)

    ⚕️ Tuberculosis

    •  Students at Sacred Heart High School in Stittsville have been warned that they may have been exposed to tuberculosis. There is a distinct lack of details but the period in question is between November 2022 and October 2023 and Ottawa Public Health says it is not aware of anyone attending or working at the school who could be spreading the disease. No one has been reported as contracting tuberculosis. (Ted Raymond at CTV)

    🏆 Planned Parenthood

    •  Planned Parenthood Ottawa is one of three winners of the 2023 Helen & Fred Bentley Awards for Excellence of Achievement. The Helen & Fred Bentley Awards for Excellence of Achievement recognize outstanding achievements by associate organizations of Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, particularly in contraceptive care and come with a $3,500 prize. Halifax Sexual Health Centre and Planned Parenthood Newfoundland and Labrador Sexual Health Centre were the other two winners. (Action Canada) (Planned Parenthood Ottawa)

    ✏️ Federal Public Service

    The Ottawa Citizen journalist Catherine Morrison's public sevice round-up has dropped. Her five items are:

    • 1️⃣ The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada has reached an agreement with the Treasury Board, with a 12.5 per cent wage increase over four years and a $2,500 signing bonus. 
    • 2️⃣ After 103 years, that same union, the Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada, held a national convention here in Ottawa.
    • 3️⃣ The Canadian Association of Professional Employees is electing all 30 top executives. Voting continues until Dec 13.
    • 4️⃣ A group of Canadian families with relatives in Gaza has served notice that it will be suing the Federal government to ‘to take all steps necessary to facilitate the immediate evacuation of Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents, and student visa holders stranded in Gaza, as well as to help to evacuate non-Canadian relatives of Canadian citizens and permanent residents’ and the intention to prosecute any officials who violate international law.
    • 5️⃣ Hannah Brais, Lisa Brown, John Cox, Kristen Desjarlais-deKlerk,  and Nathalie Lachance have been appointed to the National Advisory Council on Poverty.



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    •  The Signaures Originals Christmas Craft Sale at the EY Centre brings more than 175 vendors under one roof for a thoroughly Canadian shopping experience. At the EY Centre until Sunday.
    •  Meet Chipewyan Dene artist John Rombough at Beaded Dreams (430 Bank St) from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

    •  Magic of Light continues at Wesley Clover Parks.


    •  Hope and Elegy Doors Open for Music (12:00 pm) Southminster United Church

    •  Holiday Drag Show: Frostbite. Bronson music Centre

    •  A Swinging’ Christmas with the Prime Rib Band. Irene’s Pub & Restaurant

    •  Jazz Nite with 45 North Jazz Group. Queen St. Fare

    •  Broadway Nights. Red Bird Live


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    Andrew Duffy in the Ottawa Citizen has the story of a war between neighbours in Orléans.

    An Ottawa Police officer has been awarded $25,000 in damages from his next door neighbour after an eight year feud. Some accusations in the kerfuffle: the officer said the neighbour stole stones delivered for use in their shared driveway, the officer installed three surveillance cameras pointing at his property with ‘no trespassing’ signs, the neighbour accused the officer of being threatening. A complaint to the Ottawa Police was dismissed but an appeal to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director deemed the officer’s conduct discreditable. The officer then called Ottawa ByLaw about dirt accumulating in his driveway from work by the neighbour and called the Ottawa Police over a contractor failing to remove stray nails.

    And on and on.

    The neighbour put up a camera pointed at the officer’s backyard, Ottawa Police were called and found that the camera was fake.

    And on and on.

    The judge ruled that the neighbour was never actually afraid of the officer, nor did the officer abuse his power as a police officer for personal gain. The neighbour has since moved.




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