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Abdirahman Abdi died in hospital in 2016 after being beaten during an arrest. 

Yesterday, Constable Daniel Montsion beat his charges of manslaughter, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon

Here are a few reactions: 

▪️ “Today was nothing short of catastrophic. Today we have no demands for the system and the system did not fail us — it was not built for us.” – Farhia Ahmed, the outgoing chair of the Justice for Abdirahman Coalition at Confederation Park yesterday

▪️ “We are faced with the obligation of moving past this verdict and to reflect on the changes we need to continue to commit to — to allow us to move forward with a sense of common purpose.” – Mayor Jim Watson, in a written statement

▪️ “No one can ever accept the loss of life in a situation like this – especially of a vulnerable citizen experiencing a mental health crisis.” – Ottawa Police Service, in a written statement.

▪️ “Let us stand together over these coming days, let us stand with Dan, his family and his colleagues, and let us remember always, that it is an honour to be entrusted with the responsibilities of the profession of policing.” – Matt Skof, president of the Ottawa Police Association, on Facebook

One week ago, City Council increased the budget for the Ottawa Police Service. A suggestion to divert a portion of  the increase to public health was refused by council in a 20 to 4 vote.

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren



💥 ALERTBar Robo at Queen St. Fare is giving away cups of coffee until noon. Get to 170 Queen Street now, and ask for your cup of Bottle Neck blend. 

▪️ Another noteworthy special: The Thirsty Maiden is selling their über rich sounding Chocolate Banana Coconut Latte for $4 today. 65 Denzil Doyle Court, Unit 116, Kanata.

▪️ Happy First Anniversary to 692 Coffee and Bar in Manotick! The coffee shop and bakery specialists in scones but you’ll also find pastries, soup, sandwiches, and snacks.

▪️ On October 13th Les Moulins La Fayette suffered a break-in during which money was stolen and one of the shop’s thermal insulated glass panels for the accessible entrance door was destroyed. The shop is now Crowdfunding to cover the cost and installation of the door, as well as bolstering their security system. As of publication today (October 21st) they have surpassed their $6,000 goal, so thank you, Ottawans. The fund will remain open until November 26th.

▪️ Honey Coffee Bar has only been open three weeks in their new Main Street Stittsville location but it already feels like a long-established business. In addition to coffee their panini selection is fab. We want to try the prosciutto one with fig jam.

▪️ Brunch mavens Wilf & Ada’s is closed until indoor dining resumes


Weather: 🌧️ Showers. High of 17°  

Number:  7,397. The number of noise complaints reported to 311 from April 1 to Sept 30. Half were over music. Rideau-Vanier ward had the most music complaints. [Ottawa Citizen]

Ottawans of the Day: David Narbaitz and Jesse Burcsik. The duo have created a contraption of wood and curtains that allows two people from different bubbles to hug. [Apartment 613]

Quote: [E]veryone is home and people are spending more time outside … and finding birds.” – education and public engagement co-ordinator with the Ottawa Wild Bird Care Centre, Patty McLaughlin. Animal sanctuaries are struggling from a lack of money and volunteers but increased need. [Capital Current


For up-to-date info: 

Ottawa Public Health dashboard     Outaouais Public Health dashboard

Ottawa Wastewaster Dashboard

OTTAWA: There have been 6166 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19, an increase of 78 since yesterday, and 304 deaths, one new report.

OUTAOUAIS: There have been 2111 confirmed cases of COVID-19, an increase of 49 since yesterday, and 35 deaths, no new reports. 

⭕ Ontario is short 6,000 personal support workers, 800 nurses, the long-term care commission was told  [Ottawa Citizen]

⭕ VIA Rail will require an official medical certificate with doctor’s license number from those who wish to travel maskless  [Ottawa Citizen]

⭕ Ottawa Public Health will start reporting COVID-10 outbreaks from team sports on their dashboard [City of Ottawa]

🍁 The Canada COVID Alert App

Be alerted if you have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. The app now works in Quebec as well as Ontario. 

📲 How It Works  [Apple App Store] [Google Play Store]

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▪️Quebec mulling plans to allow craft brewers to sell their beer online. Craft brewers on the the Ottawa side can sell online and deliver but the law restricts Gatineau brewers to sell only from their brewery. [CBC]

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▪️Quebec professors and the premier get involved in the University of Ottawa ‘N’ word controversySix hundred Quebec professors have signed a letter decrying the the lack of academic freedom after a U of O professor was suspended for using the 'N' word in class as an example of something offensive that has been reclaimed by a community. Quebec premier François Legault has also weighed in, telling the CBC, ‘In places like universities you have to be able to have a debate about everything.’ U of O students who supported the suspension of the professor say the 'N' word can never be used because of its inate harm. The offending teacher has been reinstated after an apology.  [CBC]

▪️US State Department accuses Montréal website run by retired University of Ottawa professor as ‘Russian proxy’. The conspiracy-laden site is run by professor emeritus of economics Michel Chossudovsky. [CBC

+ Related Independent MPP Randy Hillier has been freaking out his Lanark - Kingston constituents by saying the Federal Government is planning COVID-19 internment camps. The Federal Government is not planning COVID-19 internment camps.  

▪️The Province hides removing the right of municipalities to change their voting system in a COVID-19 bill. Cities in Ontario have the right to change to ranked ballots – voters note their first, second, and third choices for a candidate. If a candidate doesn't get 50 per of first votes, the second votes are counted, which continues until someone wins. A new bill about something completely different – mentioned above, which absolves businesses of COVID-19 legal liabilty – has a section which removes this right. Only London currently runs elections this way but Cambridge and Kingston were going to use it in 2022. [CBC]


▫️ 6pm The recipients of the 2020 Ottawa Book Awards will be announced this evening [Facebook]


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