Thursday, February 3, 2022

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We watched the entire Ottawa Police/City of Ottawa information briefing yesterday about the Convoy protest and, to be honest, it seemed to create more questions than it answered.

(We wrote yesterday that the media would not be allowed questions. The powers-that-be changed their mind and media were allowed questions after the initial briefing.)

The most shocking discovery was that the Ottawa Police had negotiated a staging station with the protestors to bring in food and fuel. The parking lot of the City-owned baseball stadium on Coventry Road is being used as a logistics camp for the protest.

Ottawa Police have also been escorting fuel runs into the downtown, as seen in this video.

Councillors and media asked Police Chief Peter Sloly why the truckers were permitted downtown and allowed to park. His answer was that the Ottawa Police had no power to close the streets, although the City seems to have no problem closing the downtown area for Canada Day celebrations or for visits by high profile dignitaries.

Chief Sloly considered the Service's response as adequate as there were no serious injuries, deaths, or riots.

Chief Sloly also said that they did not have many complaints reported to them. When councillors and media pointed out the many incidents posted to social media, Sloly reiterated that posting on social media does not count as a complaint. Residents can report hate crimes to 613 236 1222 ext. 5015. Other crimes can be reported to 613-236-1222 ext. 7300.

What will happen next? 

Chief Sloly says everything is on the the table, including court injunctions and calling in the military. Although, as the editor of Ottawa Lookout warns, asking for a harsh reaction to the Convoy protestors may only open the door to harsh treatment to every other protest in the city.

Counter-protests have begun: a group protested in front of Ottawa Police Headquarters on Elgin Street for a second night last night. A counter protest aimed at the City and Police is being planned for Saturday. And over 27,000 people have signed the petition, ‘Ottawa Police must evict Freedom Convoy’.

Horizon Ottawa has started preparing for a post-protest clean-up, and is taking names of volunteers

It has been well-reported that the Convoy protest had a Go Fund Me, which had raised over $10 million. That fund has now been frozen by Go Fund Me over questions on whether the money is going to the individuals identified on the account and if it meets Go Fund Me's terms and conditions.

In international news, Reuters ran a fact check over a Twitter video that purported to show Canadians destroying a quarantine camp outside Ottawa. The clip actually shows contruction of a COVID-19 quarantine camp in China. The Associated Press ran a fact check correcting an impression that 100,000 trucks and millions of peopleare involved in the protest. There were about 8,000 people on Parliament Hill last weekend, about 200 today. As for honking trucks, there are a few hundred.

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ❄️ 40% chance of flurries. High of -6°, low of -12°. 

Number: 36. The number of lists in the 2022 edition of Ottawa's Book of Lists, which ranges from largest ad agencies to craft brewers to animation studios to photonics companies. (Fibre optics and stuff. There are 22 of them in Ottawa.) Always a facinating read. [Ottawa Business Journal] [The Book of Lists]

Ottawans of the Day:  Jay Dearborn, Valerie Grenier, Mike Evelyn, Cody Sorensen, Antoine Cyr, Laura Leclair, Katherine Stewart-Jones, Rachel Homan, John Morris, Lisa Weagle, Paul Poirier, Brittany Phelan, Hannah Schmidt, Jared Schmidt, Mason McTavish, Eric O'Dell, Jamie Lee Rattray, Ivanie Blondi, Isabelle Weidemann, and Mirela Rahneva. All these athletes are representing Ottawa (and area) for Team Canada at the Olympics. [CTV

Quote: ‘There may not be a policing solution to this demonstration’ – Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly [Global]

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Information is as of this morning. Changes are relative to yesterday.


hospitalizationschangein icuchange
2,797? -142551? -14
1,043,923?4,09811,651 ? 74
? Eligible people vaccinated with one dose (5+)90% 
? Eligible people vaccinated with two doses (5+)83.4%

Ontario COVID Page    Ontario Vaccine Rates 


hospitalizationschangein icuchange
2,637? -93193? -13
872,029?3,59213,378 ? 42
? Eligible people vaccinated with one dose (5+)90.8%
? Eligible people vaccinated with two doses (5+)84.6%

Quebec COVID Page     Quebec Vaccine Rates


hospitalizationschangein icuchange
75? -412? -3
cases changedeaths

706 ? 6

? Eligible people vaccinated with one dose (5+)

909,069 (92%)
? Eligible people vaccinated with two doses (5+)853,379 (86%)
? Eligible people vaccinated with three doses (18+)516,119 (61%)

Ottawa Public Health     Ottawa Vaccination Rates.    Ottawa Wastewater 


hospitalizationschangein icuchange
59? -510?1
33,370?115266 ? 3

As of February 1, 2022 Updated Weekly

? Eligible people vaccinated with one dose (12+) 89%
? Eligible people vaccinated with two doses (12+)86.4%

Outaouais Public Health    Quebec Vaccination Rates


The Health Unit is changing the way they report. In the meantime, they are reporting only selected information. 

hospitalizationschangein icuchange
39? -119? -4
active caseschangedeaths
-? -170 ? 0
? Eligible people with one dose (5+)180,025 (87.7%)
? Eligible people with two doses (5+)168,394 (82.1%)
? Eligible people with three doses (5+)97,831 (55.9%)

Eastern Ontario Health Unit.   Daily Stats  



⭕ The Canadian Medical Association says that Canada should give more vaccine to the world. Half of the world is not fully vaccinated, and two-thirds of all vaccines have gone to middle and high income countries.  [CTV]

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▪️City committee took the time yesterday to vote against the little robots delivering food downtown. The Transportation committee voted to direct staff to tell any restaurant that is using the pink robots that they do not have permission to be on any street or sidewalk. The full council needs to approve the vote. The City Manager for Traffic Services says provincial law bans them and the City won't consider allowing them unless the Province acts. The company making them is Tiny Mile, but it is individual restaurants who use them. [CBC

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