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Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Ottawan


Something scary for the weekend

▪️Hallowe’en fan Jessi Sharp has made an online map of spooktacularly decorated houses for a personal drive around tour. 

▪️The Sawmill at Lansdowne is a new, haunted attraction produced by Saunders Farm that combines both in-door and open-air elements as you tour the wreckage from the demolition of TD Place's Southside Stands. Oooooh. 

▪️NarCity says that the village of Vaudreuil-Dorion – a mere 90 minute drive – has a, presumably unauthorized, Nightmare Before Christmas—themed pocket parkat the corner of Saint-Charles Avenue and Paul-Gerin-Lajoie Road.

▪️There is a walking tour of Haunted Stittsville every Friday and Saturday night

▪️The first ever Mystic Market will be at the Red Apron on Gladstone. Crystals, Handmade Goods, Spells, Tarot Cards & Readings, Oddities, Home Decor, Vintage Clothing and more.

▪️Seoul Dog, purveyors of Korean-style hot dogs, is playing host to a Squid Game—themed Hallowe’en party Saturday and Sunday. Prizes for costumes!

▪️After a year's enforced absence, the Mayfair has brought back its traditional showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. But, and we cannot stress this enough – it's non-participatory this year. No throwing toast, no throwing toilet paper, no snarking back at the screen. Just be happy that the cinema is open.  

▪️Likewise, The ByTowne has scary flicks of their ownLes Diaboliques, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Pieces, and The Beyond.

▪️Friday and Saturday, the Art House Café is presenting The Haunted Cathouse. Cocktails, games, costume contest.

▪️From Noon until 4pm, Whiprsnappr Brewing has a Hallowe’en Bells Corner scavenger hunt. Plus pumpkin carving and street food from Isina.

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ☀️ Mainly Sunny. High of 10°, low of 0°

Number: 50. The number of years that passed before an Orléans resident received a letter posted by her father. [CBC]

Ottawan of the Day: Tiny, the duck. The waddling waterfowl was severly injured before Cumberland residents Marc Gendron and Micheline Proulx found him on a walk. Neighbour Amir Mirzaei, a dentist (for humans), moulded a new beak to replace Tiny's broken one. [Ottawa Citizen]

Quote: ‘From the outside, it is just short of being a cinder block – Sanjida Rashid on the Morisset Library at the University of Ottawa, rating it a 5/10 in a review of campus buildings [The Fulcrum]

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Data is from this morning, comparisons are with yesteday


598,840? 4099,865 ? 3
? Eligible people with one dose88% 
? Eligible people fully vaccinated84.1%

Ontario COVID Page    Ontario Vaccine Rates 


423,813?47811,485 ?4
? Eligible people with one dose90.3%
? Eligible people fully vaccinated86.3%

Quebec COVID Page     Quebec Vaccine Rates


cases changedeaths

603 ?0

? Eligible people with one dose

830,811 (90%)
? Eligible people fully vaccinated795,138 (86%)

Ottawa Public Health     Ottawa Vaccination Rates.    Ottawa Wastewater 


14,241?9223 ?1
? Number of doses of vaccine 600,023

As of October 20, 2021 Updated Weekly

? Eligible people with one dose 86.8%
? Eligible people fully vaccinated83.1%

Outaouais Public Health    Quebec Vaccination Rates


5791?2125 ?2
? Eligible people with one dose166,242 (90.9%)
? Eligible people fully vaccinated158,330 (86.5%)

Eastern Ontario Health Unit  Eastern Ontario Health Unit Vaccination Rates



⭕ Ontario has removed restrictions on public events like Remembrance Day ceremonies or Santa Claus parades [Ottawa Citizen]

⭕ The new Treasury Board president, Ottawa-Vanier MP Mona Fortier, supports mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for Federal civil servants. The deadline for proof of vaccination by civil servents is tomorrow. [CBC]

⭕ A paramedic service employee has been charged with fraud after submitting a fake COVID-19 vaccination certificate. [CBC]

⭕ The Hawthorne Meadows/Sheffield Glen neighbourhood has the lowest one-dose vaccination rate, at 73.8 per cent. Stittsville has the City's highest, at 94.8 per cent, probably because Quitter's won't let them in without it. [Ottawa Citizen]

⭕ Ottawa Police say that they had conversations with Ottawa Public Health before declining to require all officers be vaccinated. Ottawa Public Health says they did have the conversation, and recommended mandatory vaccination. [CTV]

+ Related Senior officer says fear of a lack of staff is reason for not requiring mandatory vaccinations

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▪️The Official Plan of Ottawa has been voted into existence by City Council. The stated goal of the plan to to guide development of Ottawa over the next 25 years into ‘the most livable mid-sized city in North America’ and one where residents are a 15-minute walk from groceries, schools and transit. A least residents in new developments would be. The Official Plan does have one more hurdle – approval by the Provincial Minister of Municipal Affairs. [CBC] [The Plan]

▪️Orleans MPP Stephen Blais wants the City to give Hwy. 174 to the Province. Blais says the East End route has cost the City $40 million to maintain after the Province gave it over in the 1990s. The Progressive Conservative Party made returning it to provincial ownership part of their electoral platform in 2014. [CTV]

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