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Wednesday Food + Drink Update

▪️Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen has announced that they are now a living wage employer, which in Ottawa is $18.60 per hour. 

▪️Atlético Ottawa fans can enjoy drink and food specials at the first viewing party at the Glebe Central Pub Friday at 6:30 pm.

▪️Ottawa Road Trips has a guide of what to see and eat in Sandy Hill. They recommend: NorcaThe Albion RoomsWorking Title Kitchen + Café, and Sí Señor.

▪️Another great review for the Gray Jay: ‘absolutely soars

▪️After 22 years, vegetarian pioneer The Table in Hintonburg has closed.

▪️The Citizen says Pookie's Thai makes great authentic Thai food.

▪️Apartment 613 has rounded-up some good cafés in Barrhaven, Orléans, and Old Ottawa East: Anabia Cupcakery CaféCafé Cristal, Café Qui PenseThe Art of BeanCafé Latte Cino, and Green Bean Café and Smoothie Bar.

We'll see you tomorrow – Martha and Darren

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Weather: ❄️ Flurries. High of 6°, low of -1°. 

Number: 989. The number of traffic tickets issued by the City to City-owned vehicles, for which the City is on the hook to pay. Mayor Jim Watson says that the employees at the wheel should pay the fines but currently, the City has no power to make that happen. [CBC

Ottawan of the Day: Laurie Koensgen. The poet is the first artist to exhibit at Contemporary HUM, Ottawa’s first microgallery. HUM is a breadbox* sized structure on a post, viewable 24 hours per day at 121 Westridge Drive in Stittsville. [Stittsville Central]

Quote: ‘When eels are living in the Ottawa, they play a really important role. They’re an important predator. And though predators get a bad rep, they certainly play an important role in ensuring that everything is balanced’ – CEO of Ottawa Riverkeeper, Laura Reinsborough, on worries that Ottawa River dam operators are not living up to their legal requirements to protect the severely threatened American eel. [Capital Current]

Sports: NHL New Jersey Devils 4 – Ottawa Senators 5, last night

Is breadbox a relevent reference anymore? Who has a breadbox? Should we have said microwave oven-sized? 

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Information is as of this morning. Changes are relative to yesterday.


hospitalizationschangein icuchange
1,734? 4211? -8
1,249,018? 3,00512,772 ? 22
? Eligible people vaccinated with one dose (5+)92.6% 
? Eligible people vaccinated with two doses (5+)


? All people in Ontario with third dose49.1%

Ontario COVID Page    Ontario Vaccine Rates 


hospitalizationschangein icuchange
2,372? -3792? 2
1,037,658? 2,06614,928 ? 18
? Eligible people vaccinated with one dose (5+)99.2%
? Eligible people vaccinated with two doses (5+)87.3%
? All people in Quebec with third dose51.2%

Quebec COVID Page     Quebec Vaccine Rates


hospitalizationschangein icuchange
36? -14? 0
cases changedeaths
71,003? 243777 ? 2
? Eligible people vaccinated with one dose (5+)915,737 (92%)
? Eligible people vaccinated with two doses (5+)879,628 (89%)
? Eligible people vaccinated with three doses (12+)572,200 (63%)

Ottawa Public Health     Ottawa Vaccination Rates.    Ottawa Wastewater 


hospitalizationschangein icuchange
109? 07? 1
38,740? 61300  ? 1

As of April 21, 2022 Updated Weekly

? Eligible people vaccinated with one dose (12+) 88.2%
? Eligible people vaccinated with two doses (12+)86.2%

Outaouais Public Health    Quebec Vaccination Rates


The Health Unit is changing the way they report. In the meantime, they are reporting only selected information. 

hospitalizationschangein icuchange
13? 03? 0
active caseschangedeaths
-? -226 ? 0

Eastern Ontario Health Unit.   Daily Stats  



⭕ Nearly one in three Canadians had COVID-19, according to a study of blood samples. [Global]


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▪️The City promises that bylaws will be enforced this weekend during the Rolling Thunder convoy. During the Trucker siege, the CIty said the same thing, although they did not enforce bylaws until the Emergency Act was implemented. The City's exclusion zone for traffic does not include the Centreville residential areas. [CBC]

+ Related Today's Police Services Board meeting will include asking for RCMP assistance with the Rolling Thunder Rally

+ Related Federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino says the Ottawa Police Services control of the protest zone during the Trucker siege cause problems for the Parliamentary Protection Service.

+ Related If you want more evidence that foreign media has no clue about the issues related to protests in Ottawa, look at this headline from the UK Guardian: Ottawa police chief vows to stop biker rally as city braces for potential protests, The police are not trying to stop the rally, they are trying to stop an occupation. It's a big difference.

▪️The owner of the Redblacks, 67s, and Blackjacks has a $330 million taxpayer-financed plan to renovate Landsdown Park. The plan makes a needed replacement of the north side of the stadium, new retail space, move and rebuild the Civic Centre, and build three residential towers with 1,200 units. Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group says taxpayers will come out even. [CBC]

▪️Ottawa Magazine has a pictoral tour of a lovely new build in the the New Edinburgh Heritage Conservation District.  Built by the author Charlotte Gray and her husband George Anderson, it has the feel of a Chicago-style townhouse and looks like a house that can be lived in rather than a minimalist vacuum. [Ottawa Magazine]

▪️Urbsite has another deep dive on an old Ottawa business. This time it looks at the old locations of printer Lowe-Martin, which continues in business to this day. [Urbsite

▪️Chuck and Camilla have set their Ottawa visit date: May 18. Our next King will visit the National War Museum, meet members of the Ukrainian community, watch the RCMP Musical Ride, and have dinner at Rideau Hall. [Toronto Star]

▪️Look at how a 27 year-old laid off bank teller spends while looking for a new job. ‘I want to travel, I want to enjoy my youth with my partner. I haven’t stopped living.’ [Globe & Mail]

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