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It's time to steal some good ideas from other cities.

In Portland, a winery has coverted its parking lot into a drive-in theatre.

Each space at the Sunshine Mill Winery has a barrel that staff can delivery beer and wine. A local pizzaria will deliver pizza to the barrel. (You can't actually drink the beer and wine in the car, you have to take it home.)

In Paris, they have changed 650 km of streets to pedestrians and bikes; in Milan, it's 35km in New York City, it's 100 miles. They didn't need major work - just street barriers and pylons. 

And something that other cities can steal from Ottawa. Love Local is a restaurant delivery co-op. They only allow independent restaurants - no chains, no 'dark kitchens'. But they have a central phone and website and contracted with an existing delivery company. The profits stay with the people making the food and the delivery, not a Silicon Valley third party.

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Weather: Showers, high of 14°. 

Number: 540,000. The number of Canadian workers who earn the lowest third of income and will soon need to choose between health and income [Behind The Numbers]

Ottawan of the Day: Freddy Baril, who has started volunteering with MAX Ottawa's new mental health peer support group for guys who are into guys  [Apt 613]

The government is squandering its efforts with instructions that no longer make sense to anyone. Are labour needs now taking precedence over the peoples' health?” – Sonia Ethier, president of the Centrale des syndicats du Quebec, wondering about Quebec's it's-okay-if-you're-under-70 rule.  [Ottawa Matters]


There have been 1,558 confirmed cases of COVID‌-19 in Ottawa, an increase of 23 since yesterday, and 139 deaths, an increase of 1.

T&T Supermarket requires customers to wear masks [CBC]

Canada conducts 1,000,000th COVID-19 test [CBC]

Window visits again permitted at long-term care homes [CBC]

Quebec premier tells worried teachers, if you're under 70, you'll be okay [CBC]

Feds are not clear if Indigenous students are eligible for student funding [CBC]

15 of 28 longterm care homes have been tested [CFRA]

Orléans Real Canadian Superstore staffer tests positive [CTV]

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City parks partially reopened
You can use the grass for unorganised sports, sunbathing, or picnicing but you can't use any of the stuff: no bences, fitness equipment, or playground areas. And no dog parks. [CBC]

+ Related City Councillor Keith Egli has a request for park users: "Do not spit" 

Ontario allows some stores to re-open in the next few days
Garden centres tomorrow, hardware stores Saturday, most retail shops with street entrances for curbside pick-up on Monday [CBC

Ottawa cop allegedly filmed himself mocking mentally ill women
He's been suspended [Ottawa Citizen]

Canadian border guards turn back Ottawan and her American husband
Border agency says 'now is not thetime' [CBC]

Shopify now the largest company in Canada by value
With a market share of $121 billion, it has blown past the Royal Bank [CBC]

The Snowbirds fly over Ottawa at 5:15 pm this evening
Look up

Flying Canoe Hard Cider in Spencerville can now sell directly to consumer
The Province has waived a rule that cideries had to own five acres of land before selling directly [CFRA] [Flying Canoe]


🖼️ The Canadian Tulip Festival will go ahead in a virtual way this year. Running May 8 to 20, all performances, programming and public programs will be available online. [Tulip Festival]


🌷 Commission a local artist to create something just for her (just give your mum an I.O.U. on Sunday). Ottawa-based Emilie Darlington combines “free-flowing paint contrasted with detailed pattern added by hand.” One of these large, lush botanicals will thrill mum for years to come. [Artwork by Emilie]

🍰 If your mum needs a cozy breakfast in bed (who doesn’t?), you can order something sweet for her from Café Latte Cino up to and including Saturday (but good luck deciding what to buy). Choose from coconut cream pie, apple fritters, caramel brownie cheesecake, and a great many more sweet treats. [Café Latte Cino]

🥓 Local Mediterranean resto Mati is offering both Mother’s Day brunch for two or four people, featuring Steak and Eggs, Proscuitto Benny, and mimosas. Dinner menus are also available. Order through Uber Eats or save the restaurant some money and pick up. 613-680-3860 [Mati]

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