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It’s Tuesday, August 9, 2022 and we’re passing on word that Capital Pride is seeking volunteers for the Pride Parade, August 28. Montréal’s parade was cancelled with only hours to go last weekend due to lack of security. Volunteer here.

Five meaningful jobs in a turbulent world

▪️The Ottawa Safety Council urgently needs adult Crossing Guards for elementary schools across the city. It says that the wage is ‘competitive’ but your mileage may vary on that. At least the workday is only an hour and a half long.

▪️HelpAge Canada works to improve and maintain the quality of life of vulnerable older persons and their communities in Canada and around the world. HelpAge Canada is currently searching for a Communications Manager to help guide the organizations new strategic direction. Apply on LinkedIn.

▪️The Canadian Red Cross has a temporary, full time remote job opportunity for a Grants Officer to join the Recovery Services team. The Grants Officer will support the grant program, manage grant partnerships, and contribute to the documentation of grant practices. 

▪️The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority is searching for an Office Assistant (Septic) with a strong commitment to championing protection of the environment, to provide administrative support for sewage system building permit processes. This is a two year contract commencing in September 2022. 

▪️Farm Radio International connects small-scale farmers in Africa through the power of radio. They’re searching for a bilingual Communications Assistant to spread the word about the organization to the wider world, via the writing and assembling of content for digital newsletters. 

Deals of the day

▪️Save 15% off summer dresses and linen items online at Tangente (or shop in person at Flock in Ottawa or Doree’s Habit in Almonte, both of whom stock Tangente fashion. 

▪️Take 15% off new arrivals at Anne Mulaire, but only until August 11 at 11:59pm. 

▪️Viens Avec Moi boutique on Bank is holding a Hot Sale of up to 50% off, only until tomorrow. Use the code HOTSALE at checkout or visit in person at 797 Bank Street. 

▪️Get a free Sustain Brow Gel when you order $75 of products from Cheekbone Beauty

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Weather: ?️ 30 per cent chance of showers. High of 20°, low of 13°.   

Number: $9.37 million. The amount of money that Ronald MacDonald House Ottawa is receiving from the Federal Government to expand their Smyth Road location from 14 to 36 suites. The House expects to be able to serve an additional 437 families per year with the expansion, which still requires extra funding. [Ottawa Citizen] [Donations]

Ottawan of the Day: Cody Coyote. The musician has released a new album, Passage, inspired in part by his own family stories of their experiences in residential schools. [Apt 613] [Passage]

Quote: ‘To suggest property taxes are the only way to pay for free transit is electoral fear-mongering. Watson and his councillors had no problem green-lighting a slew of money pits: $62 million for road expansion last year; $113 million to widen a few kilometres of Strandherd Drive; providing corporations with tax breaks through the Main Streets and Brown Field programs (which have shown no impact on where they locate their businesses); and subsidizing low-density sprawl to the tune of $465 per household per year, since running services to these areas costs more than their tax contributions’ – Free Transit Ottawa members Nick Grover and Donald Swartz, who advocate for OC Transit services to be free. [Ottawa Citizen]

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▪️Orléans MPP Stephen Blais is reintroducing his ‘Rick Chiarelli’ bill. Blais nearly had his bill made into law earlier this year but time ran out when the Provincial election was called, automatically dropping all bills in progress. The proposed law is inspired by City Councillor Rick Chiarelli, who was deemed to have harassed City staff and abused his his power of office by the Integrity Commissioner but could not be removed from his seat as there is no law in Ontario that allows that. Blais' ‘Stopping Harassment and Abuse by Local Leaders Act’ would allow councillors who break the code of conduct to be removed. [CBC]

▪️An Ottawa Police constable is facing misconduct charges for her self-driven investigation into the links between COVID-19 vaccines and child deaths. The officer used police resources to personally investigate the vaccine status of parents whose children had died. The officer was not assigned to any of the nine deaths, and in at least one instance, questioned a father without informing the actual investigating officer. The officer has not yet entered a plea of guilty or not guilty. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️The Sengalese diplomat who accused the Gatineau police of beating her was in a dispute with her landlord. Quebéc’s rental tribunal ordered the diplomat to pay $45,000 to her landlord for damages to the house. The Gatineau police say that on the day of the alleged assault, they entered the house with a baliff on a court order to seize possessions. The Quebéc investigator of police is looking into the Gatineau officers’ conduct, charges against the diplomat have been dropped because of diplomatic immunity. [CBC

▪️Stay out of the water at Britannia Beach, Mooney’s Bay, Petrie Island East Bay, and Petrie Island River beaches again. E. Coli, of course. [Ottawa Citizen]

+ Related Residents say that the City’s online registration system for aquatic lessons is a ‘fiasco’ and like the ‘swimming hunger games’. Colourful metaphors in complaints really add to the story, don’t you think?

▪️WestJet is bringing back its weekly flight between Ottawa and Montego Bay. Flights begin in November. [CTV]

Today’s Ottawa Home Office

We asked for pictures of your home office to share with our readers. 

We’ve run out of photos – so if you would like to share your home office, this is the universe signaling that now is the time. Send us a picture of your home office, and how you decorated it, to

We will also accept photos of pets at work.

Today is reader ‘Andrea’:

My husband and I share an office. We have since before the pandemic. Some people wonder how this is possible without having huge arguments or getting sick of each other. We both work quietly and get into the zone without speaking much. It's possible for us to go an entire day without speaking except for lunchtime, which we take together. 

The only time we avoid each other is during meetings or when I was giving lectures at the university where I used to teach. One of us would leave the room when that occurred. My desk is the one with all the kid art on the wall; his desk is the one with the youth sports pictures and personalized mini stick – we are very different in our approach to our work spaces! Our office is pretty bare in general because we moved into our house about a year ago and haven't fully settled yet.. 

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