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7 April 2020

7 April 2020

We’re looking for pitches about COVID 19. 

A global pandemic confining us to our homes is faily unusual, so we don't have a set playbook on what stories we're looking for.

If you have seen a type of story already, we don't want it. There are people whose stories are not being told, whose lives are being ignored, whose existence isn't being considered but are living through the Coronavirus nonetheless.

Shine a light on them. Someone doing something right, someone doing something wrong. Someone existing and having no idea what they're doing.


We can do short, we can do long. We'll take Instagram stories. Or Tik Tok.

Our beat is Ottawa, but as the nation's capital we can stretch our definition of what an Ottawan story is.

We’ve been awarded a Facebook Journalism Network Grant to cover COVID 19, so we'll pay. 

This is new to all of us.

Pitch us at '[email protected]'




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