What Ottawa is talking about for June 19, 2020

19 June 2020

▪️Osgoode Ward Councillor George Darouze sued for defamation
In a public meeting Darourze said that he was responsible for some local police improvements. A constituent wrote on Facebook that she disagreed. After a round of discussion, Darourze wrote to the then Ottawa Police chief stating, amongst other things, that the constituent's husband, an Ottawa police officer, should be checked to ensure that he was not providing information to scare the community. The lawsuit alleges that this action has caused professional damage to the husband's police career. An investigation by Ottawa Police earlier found that the constituent said nothing inaccurate and that the husband had done nothing wrong.  [CBC]

▪️Renovations to the House of Commons actually suggest that MPs sit closer together than they do now
The $75 million could have the MPs sit in stadium style seating  [CBC

▪️Gatineau Park is open for camping
The NCC has opened the park for self-contained camping. The laundromat, daily shelters, and group sites are closed but the washrooms are open. [CFRA]

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