Thursday September 9, 2021

What Ottawa is Talking About – 9 September 2021

▪️City Council approves contract with Heron Gate developers. The developers are demolishing hundreds of low-rent housing units to build thousands of market rent apartments. The contract sees that 510 new units will remain affordable for 15 years and 510 apartments in existing buildings will remain affordable for 20 years. [CBC]

▪️Ottawa’s manager of emergency services will retire next month. Anthony Di Monte was hired in 2000 to head the new City ambulance service, which combined six different services after Ottawa was amalgamated with adjacent municipalities. The head of transportation services has already announced his retirement, leaving the City with two important vacancies. [CBC]

▪️The ByTowne Cinema reopened yesterday. The new owners are showing MinariThe Truffle Hunters,  Annette, and The Lost Leonardo. [Apartment 613] [ByTowne Cinema]

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