What Ottawa is Talking About – 8 September 2021

8 September 2021

▪️The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board has removed the novel The Lord of the Flies from all of its schools. The 1954 William Goulding novel about a group of boys stranded on an island who decend into savagery was removed after a student wrote this piece in a student newspaper. [Ottawa Carleton District School Board]

▪️Porter Airlines resumes service from Ottawa Airport (or whatever it is called). The propeller based airline flies to Toronto, Atlantic Canada and US destinations. It has been in mothballs since Spring 2020. [Newswire]

▪️The Snowbirds will be flying over Gatineau Saturday and Sunday. The Royal Canadian Air Force aerobatic team are flying around as part of the Gatineau Air Show. [Snowbirds]

▪️The Ottawa International Animation Festival returns 22 September to 3 October, online only once again. The Festival features 107 short films, including animated series, and seven full-length films. [Animation Express] [Ottawa International Animation Festival]

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