What Ottawa is Talking About - 6 July 2021

6 July 2021

▪️New Edinborough’s newest resident will be Mary Simon, who has been appointed as the next Governor General. The Inuk leader was previously ambassador to Denmark and helped create the Arctic Council. A hitch will be that Simon is bilingual in English and Inuktitut, but not French, although she is committed to learning it. [Global]

▪️Bus service between Ottawa / Gatineau to Montréal is resuming Thursday.  Orléans Express will resume service once daily, which had stopped completely a year ago due to the pandemic. [Radio Canada] [Orléans Express]

▪️Ottawa drops 32 places on the global tech ranking list.. Last year, Ottawa hit #57 on the list of 1000 global tech hot spots. This year, Ottawa is #89. Montréal, in third place for Canada, was #46 globally.  [Ottawa Business Journal] [The List]

▪️Tenants have been told to move from their sort-of affordable apartments because the building will be turned into a parking lot. The landlord is elderly and wants to retire. Tenants would be eligible for three months rent but would be unlikely to find another apartment for $1200 per month. [Ottawa Citizen]

▪️The City has all approvals needed but one to pedestrianize the derelict Prince of Wales railway bridge. The Kanata North Business Association has given a plan to the Transportation Committee for an on-demand autonomous shuttle service between Moodie Station and the Technology Park via Carling Avenue. We'll keep you updated as this progresses. [City of Ottawa]

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