What Ottawa is Talking About – 5 October 2021

5 October 2021

▪️The Planning Committee approves plans to build part of the new Civic Hospital on Experimental Farm land. Councillors felt that green space on top of a six-storey parking garage was an adequate alternative. How the hospital will connect to the new Dow's Lake O-Train station remains unclear. The full council will discuss the plan Oct 13.  [Ottawa Citizen]

+ Related Master plan for the new Civic Hospital campus 

▪️Small Quebec village rejects 54 storey tower in the middle of the woods. We wrote about this earlier in the year. A developer proposed the building to Namur, Quebec, as something attractive to commuters who would come home to a 360° view of wilderness. Everyone else around would see a 54 storey tower coming out of the forest. [CBC]

▪️The Ottawa Hospital has a breakout of the legionella bacteria. The hospital has turned off all the taps and is flushing it all with chlorine. Legionnaires' disease is one possible result of the bacteria. The hospital says it will take a week before the water is deemed safe. [CBC]

▪️Mosquitos with West Nile virus have been found in Ottawa. The virus is commonly transmitted by Robins. They get bitten when they fly south, then transfer West Nile to the local mosquitoes when they return. [Capital Current]

▪️Kevin Wylie, head of public works and environmental services, is leaving on Jan. 19 [Jon Willing Twitter

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