Friday November 5, 2021

What Ottawa is Talking About – 5 November 2021

▪️Someone stole 19 rabbits from a Barrhaven home, put them in a dog kennel, and dropped them off at the Ottawa Humane Society parking lot. The bunnies' owner thinks that someone thought that the rabbits were in distress at the house but unfortunately, the rescue ended up killing one. [CBC]

▪️University of Ottawa committee supports academic freedom for professor who used N word in a discussion on words reclaimed by a community. The professor of art and gender had students walk out and call for her dismissal after the discussion last Autumn. The committee reviewing the issue said its members are "against the exclusion of words, works or ideas in the context of respectful academic presentations and discussions". [Globe & Mail] [Committee Report]

▪️The Transportation Safety Board says the Confederation Line car derailed because of loose bolts missed by maintenance staff . After the summer derailment of an empty train, this car was one of the nine pulled back into the shop for refusrbishment. The Safety Board found that a crew of the maintenance firm, Alstom, went off shift before fixing bolts on a gearbox, with the incoming crew not aware that the work had not been done. The gearbox falling off the car is what has been blamed for the derailment. [CTV]

+ Related Read the letter from the Transporation Safety Board courtesy of Councillor Jeff Leiper

▪️The City is discussing creating a Night Mayor. Used successfully in other cities, a Night Mayor is a person who advocates for the night life in a city, supporting after hours food, music, art, and culture businesses. [Ottawa Citizen]

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