Tuesday April 5, 2022

What Ottawa is Talking About – 5 April 2022

▪️Freedom of Information requests show that the Ottawa Police sent Trucker siege trucks to street with homes and a school. At least one was loaded with gas cans. The Police told City officials that they had designated Queen Elizabeth Drive as a parking area. Ottawa Police have told reporters that they will not discuss the emails. [Press Progress]

+ Related Anyone who pays commercial property tax and was disrupted by the Trucker siege can defer their tax until September 15 – but you must apply by April 15.

+ Related Trucker siege co-organizer Pat King is still searching for a lawyer for his trial. King has raised $62,000 online for legal representation, which will be needed at his April 19 court date.

+Related Ontario’s Special Investigation Unit says that the woman knocked over by a police horse as the Trucker siegers were being tossed out was not seriously hurt and thus not worthy of investigation. The woman received a strained shoulder. The Special Investigation Unit  says that because it is a minor injury, it is outside of their jurisdiction.

▪️The spongy moth caterpillars are set to return to Ottawa. A survey by the province has found the eggs all across the region. Last year, the critters ate the leaves off a million hectares of trees. Caterpillar experts say its a lot easier to kill the eggs than the beasties, so the time to start is now. [Capital Current]

+ Related A Canada Goose on the Rideau River has tested positive for Bird Flu. Chicken farmers in Eastern Ontario are worried for their farms as three poutry operations in other parts of the province have been put under quarantine. 

▪️Local charities that could use a donation from the Ottawa Police Service’s Gala should apply now. The Police Party has raised $1 million for charities since 2010. If you're looking to get in the good graces of the Ottawa Police Service, they are also looking for sponsors – OPSGala@ottawapolice.ca. [Ottawa Citizen] [Apply for Gala donation]

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